Learn the Focus Four Hazards with OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training Courses!

Survey says that about 85% of citations are related to the focus four hazards. Moreover, an estimate of 90% of fines and penalties are related to these very same hazards.

OSHA 30 hour construction training offers an easy-to-learn online safety training course. This course focuses on the four main hazards that are present in the construction industry. It trains workers and helps them identify risks involving practices. Also, workers learn how to recognize, control and eliminate the life threatening hazards.

The main goal of the focus four course is to execute safety initiatives. This course is specially formulated for business owners, managers and workers. The four main hazards covered in this course are: falls, electrocution, struck by accidents and caught in-between accidents.

The objectives of this OSHA 30 hour construction training course are to help workers identify the various activities that may result in struck by and caught in between accidents. Also, this course instructs business owners to make sure and carry out regular inspection of electric circuits. Managers are taught how to design and develop a fall protection plan and examine the fall protection equipment. The focus four course discusses electrical training, duty for fall protection, grounding practices. Also, safety related work practices are discussed upon.

This course states the requirement of power tools. It also identifies and discusses electrical hazards. Illustrations of the process of locking out and tagging out circuits are also carried out. Discussing falls that can occur at the work place and identifying all the preventive measures to prevent these falls are likewise discussed. For reducing the struck by and caught in between accidents, the correct Personal Protective Equipments are introduced and talked about.

And the end of every lesson, the OSHA 30 hour construction training provides a quiz of 5 questions. Similarly, a quiz of 10 questions is provided at the end of each module. Participants have to acquire a minimum of 80% marks in each of these quizzes in order to proceed to the next level. This helps them retain much of what they have understood. The final exam consists of 30 questions and each candidate has to obtain at least 70% marks.

So, what are you waiting for? This course comes for a reasonable price of $45 and can be taken as per your convenience. It has to be taken online which makes it extremely flexible.

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