Learn Simulation and Modeling With Simio - Simio Fundamentals Course - Now Available Online

Simio to debut exciting simulation and modeling course: Simio Fundamentals consist of interactive videos, workshops, and practice materials to simplify the process of understanding the fundamentals of simulation and modeling, using Simio.

Professionals across a variety of industries and students in STEM-related disciplines can begin practicing simulation and modeling, using Simio solutions, in November. The course titled ‘Simio Fundamentals’ introduces the basics of simulation, modeling, animation, and debugging across 14 learning modules. Each module is dedicated to an important aspect of using the Simio simulation software and video instructions ensure a seamless learning process. Interested educators, professionals, and students have the option of participating in workshops and the opportunity to acquire a simulation certificate.

‘Simio Fundamentals course was designed by professionals with over two decades of experience with handling complex simulation challenges’ said Eric Howard, vice president of marketing. “We are thrilled to assist professionals, educators, and students with applying simulation to solve real-world challenges. We also made use of basic terms, video illustrations, and Simio’s intuitive interface to make the modules uncomplicated for non-technical and technical audiences. “

Workshops to Drive Active Learning

Simio Fundamentals include workshops that provide a hands-on approach to learning how simulation can be applied in diverse scenarios. The workshops in the course will also introduce animation and modeling frameworks and how the Simio software should be used to accomplish modeling activities. The workshop is optional if having a quick understanding of simulation concepts and how Simio functions are the goals.

The modules and workshops were designed or created by experienced professionals, such as Dr. Jerry Smith, an expert in the field of simulation, modeling, and data analytics. He is also the author of Simio and Simulation, a textbook that serves as an expert guide to applying simulation and modeling to solve complex problems.

Get a Simulation and Modeling Certificate

Simio Fundamentals offer the option of getting a simulation certificate that highlights knowledge by applying simulation techniques and using Simio. The certification process is straightforward and requires no prerequisite courses, certificates, or knowledge from candidates. To get a Simio Fundamentals certification, the 14 modules and required workshops must be completed. These modules consist of 35 to 90 minutes’ videos, which can be completed in two weeks.

Simio offers a certificate to successful candidates which paves the way for pursuing a career in simulation, modeling, and data analytics across diverse industries. The 14 modules to be covered during the certification program include:

  1. An Introduction to Simulation
  2. Introduction to Simio & Success Tips
  3. Introduction to Animation
  4. Simio Modelling Framework
  5. Simio Standard Library Fixed Objects
  6. Balking and Reneging
  7. Task Sequences
  8. Controlling Movement
  9. Material Handling
  10. Working with Model Data
  11. Process Logic
  12. Debugging Tools and Techniques
  13. Optimizing with OptQuest
  14. Building Custom Object Definitions

For more information about Simio Fundamentals and Simio solutions, contact:

Vice President of Marketing: Eric Howard

Email: ehoward@simio.com

Contact no: 412-259-5295

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