Learn How to Help Save Our Rivers, Lakes, & Oceans With COLAnow.org and the Beach Boys

In one minute, Learn How to Help Save Our Rivers, Lakes, & Oceans by keeping household & yard pollutants out of our waterways. Everything flows over land to our waterways dumping into the oceans. Please keep these pollutants out of our streets and curbs: Fertilizers, pesticides, oils, paints, herbicides, (Round-up), chemicals, animal waste, bacteria prone leaves and grass cuttings. Education and citizen awareness is our first line of defense. Second is advanced street sweeping systems.

​You Can Help Save Our Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans with The Beach Boys - Public Service Announcement (PSA) National Campaign Distribution - Watch

Michelle Leonard, Queen for the Environment, says with The Beach Boys: "You Can Stop Water Run-Off Pollution by helping to distribute this PSA!"

"It is amazing how our small group can impart big changes for a cleaner environment!" says Michelle Leonard (19), the Youth Director for this Public Service Announcement (PSA) aimed to educate the public about stormwater run-off pollution (runoff). 

This PSA is being released in June as everyone hits polluted lakes, rivers and oceans. This vital PSA will help educate millions of people how they can be the solution to stop run-off pollution!" exclaims Michelle, a student at the University of California Santa Barbara and "Queen for the Environment."

The idea to Save the Oceans came from attending The Beach Boys concert fund-raiser for Cathedral Catholic High School, where Michelle was attending. Michelle was so moved by the goodness and fun that can come from such an event. That led to her uncle, Frank Lane, a writer/director for non-profits and her mother Susan Leonard, a business event executive, to help launch a campaign to save the polluted oceans, lakes, and rivers.

This passionate team rallied The Beach Boys, Universal Entertainment, a Harvard University Health Scientist Doctor, Environmental school teacher, video production crew, website designers, internet media managers and many others to create a PSA to educate the world about run-off pollution.  This team was inspired by Margaret Mead's life-shifting quote, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 

The Morton Family and especially their teenage son William were so moved by the mission, they donated the seed capital that has now grown into a national media event; Help Save the Oceans with The Beach Boys. This 60 second Public Service Announcement will be released to over 1,300 city websites and cable channels to educate the public about what not to put into our waterways that pollutes the environment.

Steve Dickson of www.DicksonSweeping.com, one of the most concerned experts in run-off pollution prevention, contributed significant expert content on the vital role of street sweeping for pollution containment before it runs through our cities to the oceans.

Dr. Shahir Masri, the video's star and voice-over talent is a Harvard University Environmental Health Scientist. Dr. Shahir is excited about the educational impact the PSA will have for a cleaner environment. Along with Susan Leonard boasting; "It was magic, the way all the pieces came together to create an exciting PSA that will help save the environment!"

All set to "The Beach Boys" classic hit music "Catch a Wave," this 60-second video PSA is ready to be placed on city websites and cable channels. The PSA can be viewed by clicking the link below: https://youtu.be/BEU8FU_kQcs or go to www.COLAnow.org.

Run-off pollution is a financial burden for many cities and a real environmental problem. COLAnow.org is a non-profit dedicated to providing free PSA's to cities with the goal of educating the populace with simple steps to reduce water run-off pollution.

Aside from street sweeping, the biggest factor in the reduction of runoff pollution is a citizenry that is aware of the issue and the simple steps required to reduce the volume of pollutants in runoff. Pollutants may include animal waste, leaves, oil, pesticides like Roundup, fertilizers, paints, and many other chemicals that create a lethal cocktail of pollutants that flow from streams, rivers, and lakes dumping into our oceans.

To broadcast this free PSA, please request the video files, which webmasters and cable program directors will utilize.

The PSA's are being continually refreshed to keep citizens engaged and educated on the issues of pollution. Thank you for your attention to this important environmental concern and please do not hesitate to contact these Possible Expert Interviewees:

Frank Lane - Executive Director, COLAnow.org - 714-675-0110 -  Frank@COLAnow.org

Dr. Shahir Masri, Sc.D. - Harvard University Environmental Health Scientist - 714-675-9792 -  www.ToxicTalks.org -  shahirmasri@mail.harvard.edu

Teri Osborne, M.A. - College Environmental Teacher - 714-553-6615 -  Terry.osborne@ca.rr.com

Steve Dickson - President, RF Dickson Company - 562-923-5441 -  www.DicksonSweeping.com -  Steve@DicksonSweeping.com

Michelle Leonard - College Student/Youth Director, COLAnow.org  - 714-675-0110 - Michelle@COLAnow.org

Source: COLAnow.org


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