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The most popular and trusted label manufacturing company in the U.S. has taken it upon itself to let people know that it is a lot more than that! Frontier Label

The most popular and trusted label manufacturing company in the U.S. has taken it upon itself to let people know that it is a lot more than that! Frontier Label - the nationwide leader in the field of manufacturing self adhesive labels and custom stickers - is here to educate and inspire people to include sustainability and environment management in the function of packaging. Visit the official blog of this company at FrontierLabel.com and learn everything there is to know about sustainable product packaging and labeling.

Looking for an enterprise to depend upon that can help you simplify and manage your labeling and packaging needs? Frontier Label is one company that has all the very best solutions in its arsenal to ensure that your needs are met in the fastest, most economical, and most qualitative manner possible. Whether you require high end label creation solutions or are maybe looking to get customized stickers printed for your products, this is the name to bank upon.

"There are a ton of little things that we can do to help clean up our act as consumers. We encourage everyone to take their part in helping be a good steward of the resources you have; that includes the environment we all share. If you use plastic bottles for your products, why not use ones that are at least partially post-consumer materials? We have a long way to go in our own business. We have taken steps, such as having a recycled paper option for printing. This is a white, high opacity paper with a matte finish. It features 100% recycled and 50% post consumer content. It is used in all dry indoor applications. It is considered permanent when applied to most flat, hard, clean, dry, non-coated surfaces. We also have an in-house recycling program. We have a collection point in our break room where everyone is encouraged to put plastic, aluminum and paper waste. We make regular trips to the local recycling drop-off (which just happens to be in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, and who doesn't have one of those nearby?)," explains the owner of FrontierLabel.com.

With this latest release, Frontier Label is all set to establish itself as a market leader as well as a company that makes a difference. Labeling can also be eco-friendly and Frontier Label has proven just that!

For more information about the company or to browse through the many label manufacturing solutions that they offer, please visit the website http://www.frontierlabel.com/.

About The Company
Founded in 2004, Frontier Label is a 100% digital printer of self-adhesive labels and stickers. Their pressure sensitive labels are used in hundreds of applications worldwide, and their customers range from entrepreneurs launching their first product to Fortune 100 companies. Their goal is to produce high-quality custom labels and stickers for every customer.

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