LeapPoint Acquires Digital Adoption Platform JumpSeat

Digital Adoption Platform to Revolutionize SaaS Implementations

A complete digital adoption experience

LeapPoint, a management and technology consulting firm, is excited to announce it has acquired browser-based digital adoption platform, JumpSeat (jumpseat.io). This platform allows companies to streamline their onboarding process and technology adoption efforts. JumpSeat is a browser-based solution allowing it to be utilized across the many different technologies a company has in its stack. Management and specialists can create tutorials and training modules that appear within the application itself — instead of inside a separate program. Employees see these guides, tutorials, and indicators overlaid on their actual software helping them to more quickly and effectively learn how to use it. JumpSeat joins LeapPoint’s other turnkey technology products: DataConnect, LeapPoint One, and various cloud add-ons for Workfront, Salesforce, SAP, and more.

LeapPoint has a long history of providing strategic advisory and technology implementation services in a broad array of disciplines including finance, IT, marketing, and the federal government. Founded in 2006 with the belief that the most important outcome of their work is the success of other companies, LeapPoint’s mission stays constant to this day: drive enterprise change for organizations. The acquisition of JumpSeat is a fulfillment of that mission. It allows a new employee to begin working almost immediately — with minimal ramp-up time — as instructions and tutorials will appear over top of the browser. The same goes for experienced employees learning to use new applications or systems. In addition to the user-facing features, JumpSeat also provides metrics tracking and reports to help management understand weak points in learning.

JumpSeat has already been deployed in several Fortune 500 enterprises to drive the success of digital transformation initiatives. At a national financial services company, the implementation of JumpSeat lowered the number of training hours and decreased the amount of money that needed to be spent on training. In another successful implementation of JumpSeat, a global luxury brand was able to future-proof their software by allowing them to customize learning experiences to their employees’ needs.

We're very excited about the acquisition, what it means for LeapPoint and, most importantly, the impact and value it will allow us to provide our clients. JumpSeat is an amazing application and we're able to do some great things with it.

Nicholas DeBenedetto

CEO, LeapPoint

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LeapPoint is a management and technology consulting firm that provides advisory and digital services as well as custom application development. LeapPoint offers a thoughtful blend of resources to bring just the right mix of business acumen and functional expertise to drive enterprise change. Our genesis is firmly rooted in the belief that your success is the most important outcome of our work. Learn more at leappoint.com.

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LeapPoint is a management and technology consulting firm that provides advisory and digital services, as well as custom application development