LeanFeast, Successful Meal-Prep Storefront, Launches Franchising Nationwide

The San Francisco Bay Area's Premier Meal Prep Authority Proves It's Ready to Go Nationwide

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LeanFeast has changed the game, announcing they have finalized the steps necessary to take their humble approach to clean eating into a national franchise. By empowering the consumer, the company’s proven, everyman approach to nutrition has transformed the business from a two-man operation into a nationwide franchise.

Touting itself as a ‘storefront’ rather than a restaurant, LeanFeast’s unconventional methods put the power into the hands of the customer.

We are a 'one stop shop' for helping you eat better and be at your best. Our franchise team's goal is to give back to communities through healthy nutrition.

Eric Larosa

President of LeanFeast

Whether you’re picking up or getting meals delivered, LeanFeast is committed to taking the painstaking work out of meal prep. Hundreds of walk-ins a day prove by focusing on quality and putting the customer first, LeanFeast is able to offer clean eating solutions without the need for a contract or subscription.

“It’s as easy as choosing a protein, a vegetable, and a carb,” said Eric Larosa, President of LeanFeast. “We are a ‘one stop shop’ for helping you eat better and be at your best. Our franchise team’s goal is to give back to communities through healthy nutrition.”

A wide latitude of high-quality options coupled with their community-minded approach accommodates nearly all dietary restrictions and popular nutrition programs, including the Keto diet, the Paleo diet and Whole 30.

LeanFeast’s focus is to revolutionize the clean eating and meal prep industry by making it inclusive and convenient for everyone.

Inspired by the best aspects of the latest foodservice and hospitality trends, President Eric Larosa and Vice President Luke Barnett's sustainable and efficient concept eliminates nearly all food waste when compared to conventional restaurants.

For more information about franchising opportunities, contact Humbled Hustle Inc., the franchising arm of the LeanFeast, at www.Leanfeast.com or email Franchise@Leanfeast.com

About LeanFeast:

Opening its doors in 2017, LeanFeast, Inc. offers high quality, nutritious solutions that cater to clients of all diets and fitness levels. With brick and mortar locations and a growing online presence, clients can pick up or have their meals delivered. Nationwide franchise opportunities are now available.

Contact Information:

Eric Larosa
President / Owner Operator
Feast Fighters, Inc.

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