League Ranks San Diego as Top City for Aspiring Power Couples

The League Launches in the Top 15 Cities for PowerCouples This Summer

Top 15 Cities for Aspiring Power Couples

The League, a mobile-first dating app designed for highly ambitious individuals today announced its San Diego launch. Along with the release of its national expansion party schedule, The League also released what it used to guide its rollout strategy — a ranking of the "Top 15 Cities for Aspiring Power Couples," with San Diego at 13. The League will be live in all 15 of the top cities by the end of this summer, complete with 10 'Summer Series' launch parties (bit.ly/leaguesummerseries). The League's San Diego celebration will be taking place on July 18 to an invite-only crowd, and on August 1 the app will go live for 2,000 hand-selected San Diego professionals.

Applicants are selected based on a variety of inputs like degree, education institution, professional title (or past professions), industry, number of referrals, and, finally, their preferences as compared to the League community makeup. Before final admission, applicants' photos are reviewed and approved by a review team. While The League's handpicked Founding Class will each be given complimentary one year annual membership ($180), others who are not accepted on opening day will have to wait their turn on the 100,000+ person waitlist.

The League has been publicly criticized by media as an 'elitist Tinder,' but I still don't understand why a curated community has to equal elitist. Every great college curates their community. Every great company curates their community. I don't see why a dating community shouldn't do the same to ensure the same quality of experience. We're excited to be bringing The League to all the career-driven, highly ambitious San Diego singles that understand this logic."

Below is the list of cities The League's ranking system says the aspiring powercouples of the world should be flocking…

Top 15 Cities For Aspiring Power-Couples:

  1. San Francisco

  2. New York City

  3. Los Angeles

  4. Boston

  5. Chicago

  6. Washington, DC

  7. Philadelphia

  8. Atlanta

  9. Miami

  10. Austin

  11. Houston

  12. Dallas

  13. Seattle

  14. Denver

  15. San Diego


The League, live in only SF, NYC, LA, CHI, BOS, DC & London, determined its next set of cities by analyzing 100 cities in America using a predictive model to rank cities best suited for the 'aspiring power-couple' population that make up The League's community. Power-couples, as The League defines them, are those who are not only ambitious and successful in their own right, but desire to be in a relationship of equals.

The League used data from its successful League powercouple matches in its existing cities to find variables that serves as predictors. The League input a variety of city data sets to forecast which city is most apt to foster powercouples. Some of the data sets include, but are not limited to: user's preferences data on the waitlist as compared to public Census data, LinkedIn usage data as compared to Facebook usage data in said city, Higher Education rates, density-of-city, male:female ratio, etc.


Launched in 2015 and modeled after private members-only clubs like Soho House, The League is known for its selective admissions-based model and high-achieving community of users. Though The League is often scrutinized for its selectivity, its mission is to create power couples out of their influential members (see more about The League's mission). Using data and social graphs from both Facebook and LinkedIn to fuel its proprietary algorithm, The League can offer its users complete privacy from friends and coworkers, more context about potential matches, and a curated community of professional singles seeking an equally ambitious and driven partner. The League was founded and created by CEO Amanda Bradford who holds an MBA from Stanford and a BS in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon. To date, The League operates in SF, NYC, LA, CHI, BOS, DC, LON, PHL, ATL, MIA, ATX, HOU & Dallas and is available on iOS and Android.

To download on iOS, go to bit.ly/theleagueapp

To download on Android, go to http://bit.ly/androidleague

To read more about The League, please visit, http://www.theleague.com

The League: 508 Natoma St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Meredith Davis
(914) 275-6547
Email: meredith@theleague.com

Source: The League


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Launched in 2015 and modeled after private members­only clubs like Soho House, The League is known for its selective admissions­based model and high­achieving community of users.