Leading the Bulk Coffee Market: Gillies Coffee Unveils New Online Experience

Bringing nearly two centuries of expertise into your home or business with affordable, bulk coffee solutions.

Celebrating nearly two centuries of excellence, Gillies Coffee is proud to announce a significant evolution with the launch of its new website and a renewed focus on offering bulk coffee at the most competitive prices. Founded in 1840, Gillies Coffee is America's oldest coffee merchant and is embracing its future as the "Bulk Coffee Central," bringing wholesale quantities directly to consumers and businesses alike, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Honoring its deep roots and rich traditions, it is expanding operations to provide bulk coffee options that do not sacrifice quality for quantity. The newly launched website is designed to reflect its commitment to making premium coffee accessible. Customers will find bulk bags ideal for true coffee aficionados, and that allow every coffee lover to experience the renowned Gillies quality at home.

"Imagine, over 200 years ago when Wright Gillies was roasting coffee with horses in Tribeca, could he have ever envisioned the massive expansion coffee would have in America?" said Johan Pesenti, CEO of Gillies Coffee. "As we breathe new life into Gillies, we're thrilled to invite more coffee lovers to join our community, enjoying premium coffee that's both accessible and affordably priced."

"Being America's oldest coffee company places us in a unique position within the industry," said Benjamin Elmalek, CDO of Gillies Coffee. "Since 1840, we have been at the forefront of coffee innovation and quality. Our latest initiatives are a testament to our enduring commitment to providing exceptional coffee at prices that challenge the market, making premium coffee a daily luxury that is accessible to all."

The evolution of Gillies Coffee is characterized by a strategic embrace of modern market demands while staying true to the historic roots that have defined the brand for generations. "Imagine if Gillies were a beverage—it would be a generous serving of our Legendary Blend filter coffee; and if it were a place, envision a museum showcasing the grand tradition of Americano or a bustling store brimming with pounds of fresh coffee," elaborated Lola Dorso, Managing Partner.

As Gillies Coffee unveils its revamped direction, focusing on bulk sales and competitive pricing, it invites coffee enthusiasts to explore what makes Gillies unique. The new offerings are not just products; they are an invitation to be part of a community that values quality, heritage, and innovation.

About Gillies Coffee

Since 1840, Gillies Coffee has stood as a beacon of quality and tradition in the coffee industry. Renowned for its traditional roasting methods and commitment to excellence, it continues to offer unique coffee experiences. Now, Gillies Coffee is set to transform the landscape of bulk coffee purchasing, providing premium options that are both accessible and affordable.

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