Leading Publisher of Nurse Practitioner Journals Launches Online Publications Portal

Interactive Website Features Proprietary Content, Searchable Database and Resources for Nurse Practitioners

NP Communications, LLC, a leading publisher of reports and journals for Nurse Practitioners, announces the launch of their redesigned website, WebNPOnline.

The new online interactive portal, designed by Gregg Trueman and his team at Humanize of New York, is structured to allow subscribers to easily find and access articles, news and information of interest to nurse practitioners. Through the portal, visitors can:

~ Navigate to dedicated nurse practitioner journal sites
~ Subscribe online to nurse practitioner journals
~ Create a password-protected account
~ Search an extensive database of nurse practitioner articles and news
~ Learn about upcoming nurse practitioner conferences, events and meetings
~ Read authoritative columns by seasoned, professional nurse practitioners

"This new expanded website will serve as the portal for all of the NP Communications, LLC, publications and for The Pearson Report," said George Young, CEO and General Manager of NP Communications. "The home page will be highly informative and interactive. We invite all NPs and NP groups, organizations, and associations to participate in promoting the NP profession, as well as their own professional activities, on our website."

To learn more, visit www.WebNPOnline.com.

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