Leading Game Theorist Launches 60 Second Profile System

TrueProfile.com Empowers Advisors to Join Behavioral Economics Movement

Leading Game Theorist Launches 60 Second Profile System

Capital Preferences, a leading behavioral economics, decision science and financial technology firm, announced the launch of TrueProfile.com – and the first product called Risk Essentials available to all advisors in the US at $99/mo. Risk Essentials empowers all financial advisors to look at what clients do with their money using the power of gamification and behavioral economics. “Actions speak louder than words when it comes to understanding clients. Client insights are locked inside their decisions,” said Bernard Del Rey, Group CEO of Capital Preferences. “TrueProfile allows advisors to analyze client decisions and is a huge leap forward in producing engaging, systematic, scaled and consistent advice.”

The client experience is gamified and reveals, in minutes, how customers behave when facing risk, spending choices and their goal priorities. The platform streamlines the acquisition of new relationships and builds a rich and valuable dataset on the client base. The platform replaces unscientific client risk questionnaires and data collection methods. Advisors know that clients cannot accurately state their preferences for risk; they can only truly show the risks they would be willing to take by making decisions.

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to understanding clients. Client insights are locked inside their decisions. TrueProfile allows advisors to analyze client decisions and is a huge leap forward in producing engaging, systematic, scaled and consistent advice.

Bernard Del Rey, Group CEO, Capital Preferences

TrueProfile’s inventor and Chief Scientist is Professor Shachar Kariv, recent Chair of the Economics Department at the University of California Berkeley, and one of the world’s top game theorists and decision theorists. The firm’s research is led by Dan Silverman, Professor of Economics at Arizona State and a past Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. For a quick introduction to Professor Kariv’s work, visit this page.

“Client behavioral coaching begins with a scientific diagnosis of how the client makes decisions with money,” said Kariv. “If you want to add value and co-pilot your client toward their goals you need serious Behavioral Economics.” 


Beta testing of the system was conducted worldwide and advisors were able to compare TrueProfile’s groundbreaking approach to their previous experiences with unscientific and unstructured risk profiling methods of various origins. JC Abusaid, President and COO of Halbert Hargrove of Long Beach, California, said, “Efficiency and information are both as important to us as they are to our clients.  In the past, we viewed a risk score simply as another data point, but TrueProfile provides candid insight into how a client rationalizes their decisions. TrueProfile is easy to use and less time intensive than traditional risk questionnaires. And, through the use of gamification, TrueProfile helps us identify which clients we need to be more proactive within good, and more importantly, tough market conditions.”

The launch of TrueProfile follows 18 years of global research and development to ensure that it best meets advisory, academic and regulatory standards. “The response has been exceptionally strong,” said Del Rey. “TrueProfile finally brings structure, scientific rigor and genuine client engagement to profiling and moves the conversation well beyond risk. Advisors can gain an in-depth understanding of a client’s true investment comfort zone in a fraction of the time it would normally take.”

“TrueProfile offers a clear path for advisors to differentiate themselves, in a way clients will understand and appreciate. The solution puts clients, rather than their portfolios, at the center of the process, and improves their chances of achieving their goals,” said Scott MacKillop, CEO of First Ascent Asset Management. 


Built on the highest standard of research in Behavioral Economics, TrueProfile Risk Essentials can calculate an individual’s tolerance of risk, loss aversion and decision-making consistency with statistical confidence, and then rank an advisor’s range of asset allocation models using a FitScore. The introductory pricing for early adopters is $99 per advisor per month through April 30, 2018 and will rise to $129 thereafter. Sign up for special introductory pricing and a free 14 day trial at www.trueprofile.com.

To learn more, visit www.TrueProfile.com.


TrueProfile LTD is the creator of TrueProfile, the only tool for financial advisors that reveals their clients’ true risk tolerance, loss aversion and decision consistency as defined by economic science — providing statistical confidence for every client result. TrueProfile LTD is part of Capital Preferences, a global leader in the next generation of decision analytics for financial services firms. Capital Preferences provides enterprise quality client profiling, compliance and portfolio recommendation solutions, based on rigorous academic research and a focus on revealed, rather than stated, preferences. This approach addresses the plethora of inefficient and unreliable questionnaires and mapping methodologies that have long been used in investment, insurance and credit businesses within global consumer finance. For more information about Capital Preferences and True Profile, visit www.trueprofile.com.


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