Leading E-Commerce Platform Opens Doors to 1,000 Female Entrepreneurs

Scheme gives access to market of over 18 million monthly online shoppers

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A new program gives 1,000 women entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and grow online in 2017 by offering not only free virtual stores, but assistance with sales, operations, marketing and logistics. Using the resources, experience and connections of Hepsiburada, Turkey’s leading e-commerce site, these entrepreneurs will have access to a market of over 18 million monthly online shoppers.

“As a female entrepreneur myself, I understand not only how hard it can be, but also how important it is for a modern economy to harness the power and influence of women. We need transformation, where women lead the way on the path of becoming an entrepreneurial, competitive and strong country,” said Hanzade Doğan Boyner, Founder & CEO, Hepsiburada.

Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform Hepsiburada has introduced the Technology Power for Entrepreneur Women Program, which empowers women to grow their businesses through e-commerce. Through the scheme, female entrepreneurs will be offered virtual stores in the Hepsiburada Market Place and access to sales, operation, logistics and marketing support. They will also benefit from commission discounts on sales and delivery logistics and dedicated training and consultancy support in the fields of entrepreneurship and e-commerce. The scheme aims to help 1,000 women entrepreneurs this year.

Hepsiburada Founder & CEO Hanzade Doğan Boyner announced the program at a press meeting held in Istanbul this week. She expressed her excitement and said: “We consider women gaining strength and participation in the workforce extremely important for social and economic development. However, we are aware that the participation of women in the workforce and ratio of entrepreneurship is not at desired levels. It is our duty to guide entrepreneur women; create the necessary conditions, and offer them the necessary tools to succeed.”​ 

Hepsiburada Commerce Group Chairman Emre Ekmekçi added; When we opened the Hepsiburada Market Place in 2015, we were thrilled to be contributing to opening up the commercial potential of Turkey to the world. Now, we wish to enrich this opportunity with additional advantages for women and increase the number of female entrepreneurs. Display of a product at Hepsiburada means that it is viewed every day by millions of people.”

Şule Yüksel, board member at Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER), emphasizes that there is no obstacle that women cannot overcome if equality of opportunity is provided. However, although there are over 110,000 women entrepreneurs in Turkey, 85 percent of businesses founded by women are closed within 3 years. “The largest obstacles before women entrepreneurs are education, access to funding, access to market and lack of role models. All these cause lack of confidence in women.”

About Hepsiburada:

Turkey’s leading e-commerce brand Hepsiburada works to satisfy the needs of 21 million visitors on average per month, with 4,5 million product items and 10 million products (SKU) in 30 different categories. With 100 thousand sqm storage area in Gebze, Hepsiburada, which owns one of the largest operation centers of e-commerce, contributes to the improvement of e-commerce in Turkey and digital transformation with its high-tech infrastructure. Hepsiburada has been elected Turkey’s favorite e-commerce brand (Lovemark) 3 times and is the largest e-commerce platform in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


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