Leading Cosmetics Photographer Isa Aydin Announces Studio Opening in Los Angeles

The New York-based beauty product and cosmetics photographer Isa Aydin is opening a new studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and will primarily provide beauty products, skincare, and cosmetics imagery.

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Major brands often turn to Isa Aydin Photography for the highest quality solutions when it comes to exceptional and elegant cosmetic product images. Now, it is turning its focus on becoming the leading skincare photographer in Los Angeles.

The New York-based beauty product and cosmetics photographer is opening a new studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and will primarily provide beauty products, skincare, and cosmetics imagery. Other retail product photography services are offered in an additional 3 locations including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Hackensack, NJ.

The studio, which is staffed with 20 photographers, assistants, product stylists, and retouchers, offers exciting opportunities for local manufacturers in the makeup, beauty, and skincare sectors to utilize their expertise in capturing their products' best look for sales and marketing potential.

"Our new Los Angeles branch puts us closer to hundreds of potential local customers who seek a rapid turnaround in visuals for all their beauty and skincare product needs," commented Isa Aydin.

With nearly two decades of experience, Isa Aydin is renowned for his memorable beauty shots and has worked with America's leading skincare and cosmetics manufacturers. 

Isa Aydin Photography opened its doors in Hackensack, NJ, in 2015 and has since collaborated with many well-known makeup and skincare brands and individual Amazon sellers. The company already enjoys an incredible 85% of returning customers for photoshoots.

In its pursuit of perfection, the company has invested over $470,000 in developing the best-in-class virtual photography platform enabling customers to place orders online, ship their products and direct their shoots 100% virtually.

The skincare and makeup photographer offers free shipping of products up to 50 lbs and has partnered with major courier operators to deliver customers' products to their studios.

Additionally, $250,000 has been spent on high-end lighting and state-of-the-art camera equipment to expand their capabilities and production capacity, allowing the team to process hundreds of new customers every month without sacrificing quality. 

It has also expanded online support by increasing the workforce, including specialist engineers, to develop the website's user interface. Twenty editor-retouchers are employed to process photographs in three days - the fastest turnaround considering the level of offered retouch.

"We bring our A-game to every shoot. Color accuracy is critical. That's why we use the latest technology to identify and match the exact color of the product," commented Isa Aydin.

"We have extensive experience in product photography and product demo video production and are used to handling the most difficult-to-shoot products. We're now looking forward to bringing our expertise to the Los Angeles community."

For more information, contact the Los Angeles studio at (213) 431-0030. Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:30 am-8 pm. View their full scope of services at https://www.isa-aydin.com/los-angeles-beauty-product-photography



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