Leading Bio-Tech Firm Alpha Genesis Blocks College Scam-Like Applicants

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The Alpha Genesis Primate Research Center's careful review and high standards for summer internship applicants have likely prevented the Company from admitting unqualified students from wealthy families into its elite summer programs, according to Company Management. 

Prosecutors have charged dozens of individuals in an elaborate conspiracy in which parents paid "enormous sums" to get their children into competitive schools by faking their athletic and academic credentials. The approach taken by applicants seeking summer internships at high-profile companies such as Alpha Genesis could be similar, with promises made in exchange for favorable review. None of the individuals charged thus far in the college scam are known to have sought summer internships through unscrupulous means, but the enormous advantages of prestigious internships in building a student's resume merit care and consideration on the part of Companies in awarding the limited number of available positions. Summer internships such as those awarded by industry leaders such as Alpha Genesis are becoming increasingly important for students seeking advanced graduate education or lucrative corporate research employment.

Alpha Genesis President and CEO Greg Westergaard is advising Companies to examine their internship admissions policies and procedures. The warning comes after last week’s news of the largest college admissions scam ever. "Wealthy families should not gain an unfair advantage in this summer internship application process," said Westergaard in a company statement addressing this issue.

Alpha Genesis was not involved in the college scandal, but Westergaard said his Company routinely reviews their internship application process. "We review our internship program on an annual basis, to ensure the integrity of the system. We receive a large number of applications each year and it is not unusual for a subset of those seeking these positions to look for inside information or other unfair advantages related to the program. Our goal is to do everything possible to ensure that the entire process is fair and equitable for all the students that apply. It is our responsibility to the students to guarantee that a fair and level playing field is made available for all, and we take this responsibility very seriously when awarding these highly coveted and potentially career-changing positions."

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