Leading 'Anti-Great Reset' Political Advocate and Philosopher to Host Groundbreaking Big Sky Worldview Forum Event With GOP


On Feb. 18 in Billings, Montana, Founder & President of America21 - Marc Malone - will present a 2 hour talk for what promises to be a history-making event on what the Great Reset actually is, and how it can be stopped. 

"From Lockdowns, Economic Devastation & Inflation to Vaccine-Passports and Shipping Shortages - everything is linked to the Reset which is fundamentally a Climate Change project - not a Covid one," says Malone, a Philosophy-Science Academic and a man of Faith. "The Great Reset is politically underway via Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development in almost every city in America, and indeed the world. It happens locally. Nothing is more important than ending Sustainable Development, and regaining control of America's economy and infrastructure. Our future must be the freedom to choose what we do or don't do, instead of the UN's Global State choosing it. Our future must be Sovereignty."

The Event will cover topics such as - the importance of Faith & significance of the Biblical stories to the Great Reset, why America is under-attack, why Christians are under-attack, how Agenda 21 & 2030 are reshaping our civilization - and the political remedy to Save America from Global Governance

Backers of the America21 Initiative of Repealing & Blocking Agenda 2030 include; Republican Central Committee, Yellowstone county GOP, Stillwater county GOP, Carbon county GOP, and the John Birch Society.

Big Horn Resort, Ascend Hotel Collection
1801 Majestic Ln
Billings, MT 59102

Tickets to the event can be found for $10 at Ticketleap

Contact: info@america21century.com

Website: https://america21century.com

Source: America21