Leadgence Announcing New Advisory Board Member, Mr. Marcus Nagel

Leadgence, a fast-growing startup providing dynamic SMB data to financial services and insurance companies, announced the addition of Mr. Nager, a veteran of the insurance sector, to its Advisory Board.

Mr. Marcus Nager

Leadgence, a fast-growing startup providing smart SMB data for SDR, sales, and marketing teams, announced that Mr. Marcus Nagel has joined its advisory board. 

Mr. Nagel has over 30 years of experience in the insurance market. He has acted as CEO of Zurich Group Germany (part of Zurich Insurance Group Companies), and Board Director of Jupiter International Group (part of Commerzbank AG). He currently serves as Non-Executive Director and Advisor for several leading insurance companies including Tower Limited (formerly Tower Insurance limited) and Jarowa AG.

"I get very excited about innovative data solutions that help gain visibility and increase efficiency," says Leadgence Advisory Board Member Marcus Nagel. "The quality and granularity of Leadgence's dynamic SMB data make a real difference for organizations looking for efficient ways to steer and manage distribution and coverage towards the rapidly-changing SMB sector. As a long-term executive, when you see this kind of new development coming, you know there's a big shift on the way."

"Companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their teams need the tools that Leadgence provides, and they need to begin using them at headquarters as well. The management element of Leadgence, and the transparency it delivers, are critical to manage and drive a large network providing teams with the best tools," says Nagel.

"Marcus' extensive first-hand experience of the insurance sector, managing a portfolio, targeting SMBs, and utilizing data to make business decisions make him an invaluable member of Leadgence advisory board," said Leadgence Co-Founder and CEO Leetal Gruper. "We are already working together on making Leadgence a powerful solution for insurance companies looking for dynamic data to identify and better serve the rapidly evolving needs of their SMB customers." 

About Leadgence

Leadgence was founded in 2019 by sales and data experts committed to turning small and mid-size businesses' scattered data into accurate and actionable data for customer-facing teams. Leadgence continuous intelligence platform regularly collects, analyzes, and translates over 3 billion data sets from diversified sources turning big data into actionable insights. Leadgence smart data drives the increased efficiency and productivity of customer facing teams of leading banks, financial institutions, fintech's, and insurance companies targeting the rapidly changing SMB market.

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Source: Leadgence Ltd.

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