Leadgen.com Launches Lead Generator Allowing Businesses to Trade Their Business Needs for Sales Leads

LeadGen.com announced today that it has launched a "B2B bartering" or "dating" platform for businesses called the Lead Generator allowing businesses to trade their business needs for sales leads at no cost.

Company owner, Jeff Josephson developed the platform based on his widely successful patent number US 5623660 A. The patent is the base of the world’s largest dating websites algorithms and has been under a licensing agreement since 1997. It is system for regulating access to data base for purposes of data base management.

LeadGen.com officials anticipates that the www.leadgenerator.com website will facilitate the process of buying and selling for millions of businesses around the world. Businesses will now be able to turn their needs into selling opportunities by registering their business needs and offerings on the website and in return, receive opportunity and contact information about businesses that buy their products and or services.

We've found leads right in our own backyard that we would never have found otherwise.

Carmen Ferguson, Sales Manager, Kimble Products Inc.

Business Development Director, Stephen Sockett, says that “for the first time, businesses can profit from their purchasing needs. By registering their needs they get real sales leads. These leads include the description of service or product, budget, contact information, timeline and more.  They also get access to competitive and qualified vendors.”

View the video here: http://youtu.be/pwSsCpaQ2wk

About LeadGen.com

Founded in 1997 LeadGen.com is a New Jersey-based sales and marketing company. It specializes in providing sales and marketing services and products to business servicing other businesses. It is committed to using only solutions that have a proven record in profiting its client base. It has over 200 in house American labor to create and market its products. LeadGen.com’s motto is “Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your B2B Sales and Marketing Needs”.

To learn more about the Lead Generator please visit www.leadgenerator.com or contact:

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