Leaders in Medicine, Business and Politics Announce Plan to Reform Healthcare Industry in Cleveland Monday

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death; medical bills are the second leading cause of bankruptcy. New healthcare reform plan addresses both by moving the power, money and control back to doctors and patients.

U.S. Healthcare Inflation

With medical mistakes taking over the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and medical expenses coming in second among the reasons people file for bankruptcy, reform of our healthcare system is becoming even more of a critical issue. That’s why a group of influential stakeholders are coming together at the InterContinental Cleveland hotel, 9801 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, Oct. 9 to unveil a new proposal to transform our nation’s healthcare system.

“We need to move the power, money and control back to doctors and patients, through the states that have decades of experience in overseeing their health insurance and healthcare delivery markets. It’s like school choice for health care; you decide because you control the money,” said Ryan Binkley, the Republican presidential candidate determined to disrupt Washington politics by introducing a healthcare reform plan developed in cooperation with industry innovators.

Binkley is joining a guest sharing a personal story of tragedy brought on by a system that too often leads to overzealous diagnoses, excessive medications, unnecessary procedures, medical mistakes, delay of care and personal bankruptcies. Binkley will also join President Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, Cedar Brook Group Founder/CEO William Glubiak, and Dr. Firouz Daneshgari, a surgeon-scientist and chairman of the Department of Urology at Case Western Reserve University.

“We have built a system specialized for sick care, and yet ironically we expect the results of ‘healthcare’ from it,” said Dr. Daneshgari, author of Health Guardianship: The Remedy to the Sick Care System. “We need a national dialogue and movement toward a path forward that will create the next model of healthcare delivery. That model will have all the medical and technological advances but is accessible, affordable, high quality and consumer-centric – not provider-centric.”

Binkley is the co-founder/CEO of mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group. He's outlining his plan to transform our healthcare system to benefit consumers, who face 40% inflation in healthcare costs, and U.S. employers, who pay 200% to 500% more to provide healthcare insurance than business owners elsewhere around the globe. The plan intends to achieve the targets set by Healthy People 2030, a Surgeon General initiative to grant individuals their full potential for health and well-being.

“This plan will reduce waste, ensure market justice for working Americans, improve health outcomes for those covered by government-sponsored programs, address equitable access to health services and increase investments in biomedical and population health research,” Binkley said. “We firmly believe that individual responsibility should remain the cornerstone of any health system and healthcare resource utilization, with the guardianship of health as a potent means of enhancing health, longevity and reducing morbidity.”

Source: Binkley For President 2024

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