Leader in Premium Camping Hammocks Hobo Hammocks Celebrates Milestone of Providing 3000 Meals to the Homeless

Homelessness is a serious problem and the number of people who don't know where there next meal will come from is growing every day. Hobo Hammocks is a young company specializing in premium quality hammock products, who take these kind of issues to heart. The brand provides one free meal to the homeless for every hammock sold, and recently crossed the 3000 meal mark.

Hobo Hammocks is not just a company that provides premium quality, compact hammocks at attractive price points, they are also a brand with a huge social conscience.  Committed to providing one meal to the homeless for every hammock sold, Hobo Hammocks recently celebrated serving their 3000th free meal and couldn't be happier with the program's success.  This number was met in only nine months of operation and the meals have been provided to the homeless through the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, a program that focuses on helping the homeless get off the streets and into homes.

“I decided I wanted to start a business selling hammocks and feeding the homeless, so I did it,”  company owner Jake Andersen casually commented. He continued:  “If you are passionate about something, make it happen.  Do things.  If it doesn't work, do different things.  Just don't get yourself stuck because you are scared of making a poor decision.  If a decision you made doesn't work out, you'll learn from it and you can try again.  Fear will always try to creep its way into your mind, but just try to remember fear is debilitating, so it's best to ignore it.”

"You don't need me to tell you what a great deal this is if you've looked into buying a good camp\hike hammock but if you haven't please by all means do a 5 min research session and I promise you'll be throwing your money at the Hobo Hammock company!! Plus they feed a homeless person out of their costs. Guys I have payed more for a pair of Toms shoes. Same concept."

Glen S., Loyal Customer

According to the company, there's several features that keep Hobo Hammock ahead of the competitors.  The durable design has been widely praised, and the hammocks ship with straps – something that most companies charge extra for, but Hobo Hammocks include for free.  

Every Hobo Hammock sold is backed by a lifetime guarantee, which includes free replacements at any time, for any reason.

For more information be sure to visit  http://hobohammocks.com.