Lead Marvels Launches New 'Mentor Center' for InsuranceWebX

Lead Marvels, a content-syndication and lead generation solutions provider, recently launched a new “Mentor Center” for InsuranceWebX, an online resource for insurance and financial professionals. The Mentor Center was designed as a content-sharing platform for top industry leaders (“Mentors”) to provide their knowledge and expertise to their peers, customers, and potential business prospects. 

Each Mentor has a unique online microsite, which provides a list of their classes, specific to their area of expertise, in addition to providing business building webinars, white papers, blogs, new product launches and more.  Over 40 mentors have already posted classes and content to the Mentor Center, which has generated thousands of business development leads from agents, advisors, and producers who have engaged with their content.

Matt Pardine, InsuranceWebX Managing Partner, says: “Working with Lead Marvels has been extremely beneficial for our company. They helped us create a new lead generation revenue stream that has given us a 20x return on investment. Their innovative ideas and effective implementation of strategies bring true value to our members and sponsors – not to mention their personal touch towards customer service. We truly enjoy working with them.”

“Partnering with InsuranceWebX brings a new approach to our proprietary platform in syndicating content,” says Ben Schottland, Lead Marvels Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, “By allowing industry leaders to share their knowledge, it creates a learning environment for all advisors and agents to benefit from – and hopefully strengthen the community as a whole.  We are proud to have partnered with InsuranceWebX to bring value to a competitive market.  We look forward to seeing the Mentor Center grow as the industry continues to evolve.”

To view the InsuranceWebX Mentor Center click here.

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