Lead Marvels Expands Presence in Accounting Industry With Its Digital Content Hub Solution

Lead Marvels, a content-syndication and lead generation solutions provider, is continuing its roll-out into the accounting industry with its Digital Content Hub solution, adding five more CPA associations over the last few months. The company now has launched its solution in collaboration with 15 states.

Most recently, Lead Marvels has launched its Digital Content Hub Solution with the Arkansas Society of CPAs, Florida Institute of CPAs, South Carolina Association of CPAs, Virginia Society of CPAs and Washington Society of CPAs. These five new associations join the Illinois CPA Society, California Society of CPAs, Connecticut Society of CPAs, Kansas Society of CPAs, Michigan Society of CPAs, Nevada Society of CPAs, Ohio Society of CPAs, Oklahoma Society of CPAs, Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs and Texas Society of CPAs.

The solution, which is called a "Knowledge Hub", helps generate non-dues revenue for the state association and increases website usage and member engagement, while attracting net, new members. In addition, the solution provides marketers, vendors, and suppliers with a turn-key way to engage with CPAs and accounting professionals, by publishing downloadable content such as white papers, e-books, case studies, guides, and more. When a CPA engages and downloads the content, a qualified sales "lead" is delivered in real-time, as well as stored in an online dashboard for tracking and reporting.

"In addition to the 15 states that are currently live, we are in the process of launching with seven additional states, for a total of 22 states, which collectively reach more than 275,000 CPAs and accounting professionals," said Jeff Schottland, co-founder and chief executive of Lead Marvels. "More than 20 advertisers are currently running content syndication and lead generation programs on our platform, with more signing up regularly," he said, adding that in the month of February 2021 alone, nearly 1,000 leads were generated and delivered to advertisers.   

"As part of our Center for Innovation, the VSCPA is dedicated to driving value for our members by connecting them with future-forward resources in an evolving digital world, especially around technology and talent," said Tina Bates, CAE, Vice President of Innovation at the Virginia Society of CPAs. "Our online Knowledge Hub has been a great addition to our content strategy in these areas, and we're excited to partner with Lead Marvels to make it happen."

Added Jeanette Kebede, Director of Communications of Washington Society of CPAs, "Our new Knowledge Hub powered by Lead Marvels is proving to be an innovative way to engage and connect with our audience of CPAs, controllers, CFOs and other finance executives during this pandemic. In addition to our existing array of conferences, events, and print and electronic advertising, we're excited that we now also have a content marketing and lead generation solution to support our advertisers and sponsors," she said.

Lead Marvels also enhanced its platform with the launch of two new services, including a new "sales engagement" tool that enables the state associations to easily identify and engage with new, potential advertisers for their Knowledge Hub, as well as a "lead nurturing" solution for advertisers to receive "callback requests" when a CPA or accounting professional engages and downloads their content.

To learn more about how Lead Marvels can power your lead generation and content syndication programs for your organization or association, please go to: www.leadmarvels.com.

Media Contact:

Michael Palacios

President, Lead Marvels

Source: Lead Marvels, Inc.