Lead Adviser Keith Gilabert Selected to Manage $250 Million Contract

Keith Gilabert, Director of Fina V Capital, will be providing a customized bid model for this multiple agency $250 million contract issued by the U.S. Government.

Fina V Capital's Keith Gilabert will lead a consortium of small businesses submitting bids for a Federal Government Contract worth over $250,000,000.00.

There are currently over 50 Federal Agencies participating in this $250 million contract. The same Government agency recently announced another round of funding with a projected value of $200 million.

Gilabert states, "These contracts have a year over year option which puts the overall value at over $2 billion, this is a huge opportunity for both small and large businesses."

Fina V Capital will be advising and consulting with Fortune 500 companies which will add diversity and value to existing product lines and present a total solution for businesses wanting to contract with the Federal Government.

Negotiations with Government agencies often stall due to incomplete proposals, this is where Fina VC comes in and creates a partnership with businesses so the company bidding can offer a total solution.

Gilabert states, "We provide companies with our expertise in research, writing and submission of proposals for public and private funding, our fees are based on the client obtaining a contract, if they win we win."

Keith Gilabert has over 20 years experience in business management and research. His primary field of research is business models. "I can take any industry and break-down the costs and market trends that will deliver growth to that specific sector or company."

Fina V Capital allows companies to focus on building their business while we take care of the government marketing and bid submissions.

Many companies do not know the proper channels and spend tens and thousands of dollars making errors in search of theses government opportunities. If a company needs a product line we can negotiate the pricing based our price volume projections.

Gilabert cautions, "Government contracting is not easy and you must be able to provide the agency with the "Best Value," according to FAR 2.101 or you will not pass the initial application process, furthermore, these companies must be ready to wait up to one-year for an award."