LDN Talks @ Night: Stories From My Taliban Captivity by Sean Langan and 9 More Inspirational Speakers

Shaking up the concept of an 'after­work drink' by adding a sprinkle of inspiration! 10 talks, 10 venues, ​£ ​10, 1 night of inspiration!

Sean Langan

LDN Talks @ Night is a night of inspiration consisting of 10 insightful talks by 10 of the UK's brightest thinkers in 10 of London's trendiest bars, happening all at the same time. The event aims to stimulate, inspire and provoke a different way of thinking.

Funzing, the sponsor, is an online marketplace for the most creative and unique experiences, currently operating in London, Manchester, Tel Aviv and Singapore.

Concept video: https://youtu.be/sgjAD4wNlcI. For more details, press tickets or queries: Yaron Saghiv, CMO Funzing ​yaron@funzing.com ​, +447481032247

Yaron Saghiv, Chief Marketing

Funzing's aim has always been to encourage people to experiment, spice up their free time and do something different. The platform supports a community of creative hosts with passions, hobbies and knowledge, allowing them to share their expertise with locals through unique, intimate events.
The concept for LDN Talks @ Night was born out of the Funzing ThinkTap, a series of after­work talks in London's trendiest venues, tackling some of today's most interesting and controversial subjects, attended by over 1000 Londoners this summer. These talks uniquely brought together a stream of beer, ideas, wisdom and debate.

On 18 October 2016, Funzing are inviting all Londoners to challenge their social culture ­ to expand their knowledge and gain new insights, whilst having an after­work drink. The low price point of £10 per ticket makes LDN Talks @ Night accessible for everyone.

We're thrilled to invite you to any of the LDN Talks @ Night talks free of charge.
The full list of topics and speakers is as follows:
● Future of the UK & EU post­Brexit by Denis MacShane
● Stories from my Taliban Captivity by Sean Langan
● Threat of Terrorism in Europe by Jonathan Sacerdoti
● Psychology of Dating by Dr. Raj Persaud
● Insights of a War Crime Investigator by Jonathan Tait Harris
● The Science of Personality by Sanna Balsari­Palsule
● Shut the Duck Up! by Pete Cohen
● Creating a Powerful Mindset by Graham Price
● Social Networks and The Truth by Charles Arthur
● Body Language of Love & Attraction by Dr. Peter Collett

Full events list and booking: http://uk.funzing.com/sessions
Concept video: https://youtu.be/sgjAD4wNlcI

Source: Funzing

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