LBTD Explains COIN Rig Solutions, Obtains First Servers for Intelligent Mining and Global Strategy of Monetization

Mr. William Ko, President, president of LOTUS BIO-TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CORP. (LBTD) is excited to announce the company’s intelligent mining strategy for digital currency. It has obtained its first shipment of servers for inspection and testing.

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The current combined market cap of all cryptocurrencies is valued at $597,764,502,262, up from $557,000,000,000 the previous trading session. See for more information.

CPU and GPU flip speed is very important to computation speed. Algorithms are mathematical equations that are calculated with GPU and CPU and co-processors. The faster the GPU and CPUs, the faster the computation.

HASH rate is the number of calculations that your hardware can perform every second as it tries to crack the mathematical problem which ties in with CPU and GPU. The highest HASH rates are from AntMiner S9 (

Hard drive speed is optimized using flash memory. SLC (single layered cell) are faster than MMC and faster than TLC. Our servers use SLC.  

NOR architecture and NAND gates architecture will be used on our rigs to optimize those that require ultra-fast speed writes to memory and displace slow jobs to NAND gates.

The staff from COIN Rig Solutions will lead our mining efforts. They will bring the highest COIN mining hash rates with their programming.

“As a topic of discussion and debate, we are experiencing a revitalization of seeking the highest clock speeds. Intel has given us moderate clock speeds with multiple cores (threads). It serves the needs of many multi-threaded applications but is slow and is bound by concurrency deadlocks. We are experiencing the ‘clock speed’ revolution as we had back in the 1990s where we experimented with cooling, multiplying bus rates, Cyrix, AMD, Intel chips and MMX DX and AGP processors. This is very nostalgic. But in general, the cloud and VMs have been in a mode complacency of moderate clock speeds. We believe in AMD high clock speeds and support their search for faster hash rate computations all the way,” says William Ko, president of the Company.

About Lotus Bio-Technology Corp:

Lotus Bio-Technology is a company actively seeking new opportunities to add shareholder value with strategic partnerships. The Company is currently headquartered in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It has an agreement with Coin Rig Solutions as of December 22, 2017, to allow the Company to enter the cryptocurrency industry, a half-trillion dollar marketplace.


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