LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC Invites Accredited Investors

Stable and Predictable Income From Investment in a Fast-Growing Real Estate Market

Fund Manager Boris Dorfman

LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC invites accredited investors to take part in an investment offering to invest highly liquid Trust Deeds (loans) secured by residential and commercial real estate in the State of California. 

This investment is available to accredited investors only as described in SEC Rule 506, Regulation D.


  • Individual accredited investors with minimum investment of $100,000
  • Wealth/money managers, RIAs, and family offices
  • interested in portfolio diversification
  • funding for self-directed IRA retirement plan


  • Return On Investment: Target Return 8% 
  • Additional .50% per year for investments of $1mil. and more
  • Investment secured by real estate


Capital Preservation: Allows to deploy capital from investors quickly

High Quality Real Estate Collateral: Allows to attract different types of investors


  • Steady Return: Monthly Distributions* Member distributed capital is formed by loan interest paid by the borrowers. Investors' dividends return is prioritized over the Fund Manager.
  • Smaller Investments: Simplifies entry into the investment market for smaller investors.
  • Well-Diversified Portfolio: the Fund's loan portfolio is diversified over different borrowers, property types and geographic locations, which protects your investment from economic downturns.
  • Liquidity: After initial lock-in period, withdrawals may be made within 2-4 weeks period.

*Dividends may also be reinvested for long-term capital accumulation


  • $40,000,000+ of Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • 11 years track record
  • 11 years of audited financial statements
  • Lowest annual return of 7.75% and highest of 8.34% (exclusive of additional return derived from compounding, when on re-investment)
  • 120 members
  • 57 outstanding loans
  • 0 losses since inception


The Fund Manager is Lending Bee, Inc., a leading provider of regional real estate services and loan delivery. Lending Bee has been a California Broker since 2004.

The Fund Manager Principals invested over $3,000,000 of their personal capital along with other Fund members/investors.

LBC Capital Income Fund plans to raise another $60,000,00 in the next couple of years to close out the Fund.


Boris Dorfman
Fund Manager

Fund Manager with 25 years experience in Real Estate industry in California. Licensed Real Estate Broker with extensive experience in Residential and Commercial mortgage and Real Estate industries. Now manages the LBC Capital Income Fund.

Vladimir Isperov
Co-Fund Manager

Co-founder of Lending Bee, Inc. with Boris Dorfman. Licensed Real Estate and Mortgage executive. Vladimir brings close to 25 years of sales and underwriting experience to the team. Worked as a loan originator prior to starting Lending Bee, Inc. 19 years ago.  

Michelle Ong
Director of Compliance & Underwriting

Michelle is licensed in Real Estate and has extensive experience working with different Real Estate professionals for 18 years, giving her the unique and keen understanding of the different finance and real estate sectors. This understanding allows her to have the foresight to navigate through complicated deals and bring it to a successful close. 

Source: LBC Capital