Lawyers' Role in Settling Shipping and Maritime Disputes

Lawyers have a major role to play in settling shipping and maritime disputes which could sometimes involve several international parties too.

Shipping is the most important and effective means of moving goods around the world. Maritime law, therefore, directly or indirectly affects all global businesses. Increased global trade, rising energy costs and stricter environmental regulations have all contributed to making this industry more dynamic and complex.

In such turbulent times, it’s necessary for companies handling global trade to be knowledgeable and aware of rules and regulations related to maritime and shipping activities. Since it’s not possible for all companies to have their own expertise, it’s necessary for those who are in international trade to seek the services of capable lawyers who are experts in this particular area. The experts in maritime and shipping in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is United Advocates, one of the leading law firms in the UAE.

The Dubai company’s legal expertise in shipping is derived from its close ties with the industry and many years of substantial experience. They manage a complex portfolio of high-end shipping work throughout the region, in both “wet” and “dry” contentious matters, as well as in ship finance and other non-contentious matters.

United Advocates has a broad-based clientele which include ship owners, managers, charterers, fleet owners, operators, P&I (Protection and Indemnity Insurance) Clubs, underwriters, insurers and shipbuilders and repairers. Besides providing advice and consulting, the services of these top legal experts in Dubai also encompass:

  • Arrest of vessels and asset tracing;
  • Bills of Lading and other documentary claims and disputes;
  • Admiralty, brokerage and cargo claims;
  • P&I and FD&D (Freight Demurrage and Defence) Club advice;
  • Vessel registration, finance and mortgage;
  • Maritime insurance; and
  • Environmental issues and pollution.

The United Advocates is at Office No: 3901-3902, Single Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.


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