Lawrence Ripp's New Book 'The Baron of Bubble!' is a Lovely Flight Into a Kingdom Filled With Beauty, Fun, and Bubbles.

Fulton Books author Lawrence Ripp, an actor, playwright, producer, and children's entertainer, has completed his most recent book "The Baron of Bubble!": an exciting trip into the Land of Bubble, where the fun doesn't end. It's a beautiful place where bubbles are grown everywhere. Sir Sydney Soapington, the Baron of Bubble, will tell everyone all about this wonderful and sunny kingdom of Merry.

Ripp shares, "You are about to visit a wonderful land, a merry old kingdom called The Land Of Bubble! And as your guide, meet a joyous old soul whose name is Sir Sydney Soapington, The Baron Of Bubble! He makes bubbles morning, noon, and night as does just about everybody in this wondrous land. Your adventure begins right here, my friends! With a bucket of soap and a wave of his bubble-making wand, Sir Sydney invites you to a special place of laughter and joy, thrills, and bubble hills! Discover a land where the fruits are bubbles and when ripe don't fall from a tree but float off the branches and go right into your mouth!

"My friends, I hope you like bubbles because if you do, you have found the magical Land Of Bubble, where your foamy friend Sir Sydney Soapington can't wait to show and tell you all about his home, a place where there isn't any trouble, and there isn't any dark. But there sure are a lot of bubbles! Open this book and begin at the start."

Published by Fulton Books, Lawrence Ripp's delightful fiction is an illustrated narrative of the Land of Bubble's Baron as he invites readers on a journey up above the soapy land he lives in.

Young readers will be thrilled to enter this adventure!

Readers who wish to experience this wondrous work can purchase "The Baron of Bubble!" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books