Announces Its Arrival in Legal Tech by Acquiring, a newly launched Singapore-based legal tech start-up, announces its acqui-hiring of for an undisclosed amount. has been operating in stealth mode since mid-2015 and now it adds to its portfolio LawFarm’s unique host of legal Q&A features, lawyer-finding services and in-depth content of updates and news in the legal community.

Post-acquisition, aims to be the leading legal portal: delivering the latest legal updates to its users and providing a unique lawyer-finding service.’s lawyer-finding service, which combines the signing on of quality lawyers and providing quality legal guidance, will expand the legal marketplace and be what sets apart from other legal start-ups. also aims to add several features to what is already potentially a strong solution for meeting legal needs in the community.

As part of Singapore's leading venture builder, Sugar Ventures, has an established advisory board and many experienced technology leaders. With that, is built to be secure in financial standing and technological scalability.

Co-founder of and Sugar Ventures, John Fearon, added “This acquisition represents an incredible opportunity to synergise core competencies between and LawFarm. With this integration, we have real potential to improve the value of our services to the legal community in order to meet real legal needs.”

LawFarm was founded in 2013 by two starlets of the Indian legal industry, Sreerupa Chowdhury and Monalisa Saha, and quickly gained traction with its exclusive partnership with anti-bribery website in providing guidance in response to legal queries posed by members of the public.

Following the acquisition, Sreerupa will remain to assist in LawFarm’s organic growth and will be key to’s strategic growth and direction in India.

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Jieyang Huang, co-founder of

Jieyang has had his fair share of corporate experience – starting out in the corporate finance field where he worked with public companies on their various corporate actions and advised on initial public offerings, he quickly ventured into the legal space and practiced commercial litigation for about 5 years in a top-tier law firm in Singapore and the largest law firm in South-East Asia. His entrepreneurial passions are naturally more legally-oriented, with interests in social justice and improving legal competencies across the world.



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