laWow Announces to Voters: Search Political Candidate Names Ahead of the Upcoming Midterm Elections on laWow.Org

For the first time, voters have access to search "Political Candidate Names" ahead of the upcoming midterm elections to find lawsuits and/or public information containing the candidate's name that is searched on laWow

laWow's goal is to empower voters across the country by providing a free resource to anyone who wants to search public records on laWow to get additional information about candidates before the ballots are tallied on Nov. 8.

A search on laWow.Org for "Midterm Election" returns over 80 results for both the Congressional Senate and House Races.

laWow is a public utility designed to democratize public information. laWow.Org, the first lawsuit search engine specifically designed for the public, was launched this year. Anyone can search words and/or phrases and find results matching their search. laWow is a platform used by journalists for news, stock investors for companies, researchers for data, and anyone else seeking an unaltered source of information without commentary or opinion.

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Kaylee Chen



Source: laWow