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Ida Bennett discovered the lump on her right breast on her sixty-third birthday.  One week later, she was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer.  Alone in the snowy parking lot of her doctor’s office, her head reeling, Bennett wondered about the future.  Would she survive?  Who would care for her while she underwent chemotherapy?  How would she pay for her treatment?

Bennett is one of hundreds of clients helped by Laura Taylor, one of only a few attorneys who file claims on behalf of cancer victims or their families under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program (RECA).  RECA is a federally-funded program that provides compensation payments to individuals or their family members who have contacted certain cancers due to their proximity to or their participation in above-ground nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s or 1960s.

Bennett was a young child living in Nevada in the 1950s when the U.S. government was conducting nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site.  Little did she know that while she was watching the tests from the school playground, she was being exposed to massive quantities of harmful radiation that would later manifest into cancer.  Bennett was still taken by surprise when she heard her diagnosis. “I guess it really hit home when I got sick,” Bennett says.  “That’s when I started to understand the consequences of all of those nuclear tests.”

Bennett is now in remission.  Ms. Taylor helped Bennett collect a payment of $50,000 from the government, which Bennett used to pay for her medical bills.  Payments of $50,000.00 are available to “Downwinders”.  Those are people that lived in certain counties in Nevada, Utah and Arizona and later contracted certain types of cancer.

For those who participated in a nuclear test at any testing facility and later contracted certain types of cancer, payments of $75,000.00 are available.  Uranium millers, miners and ore transporters with certain cancers or lung diseases are eligible for $100,000.00.  Family members (spouse, children, parents, grandchildren and grandparents) are allowed to file on behalf of deceased family members.   

About the Law Offices of Laura J. Taylor:

Located in Prescott, Arizona, Ms. Taylor has obtained settlements for over 1500 clients located throughout the United States from the RECA.  Ms. Taylor was recently voted “Best Law Firm” in Prescott, and is available to assist clients, no matter where they are located, with their RECA claim.


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