Law Firm Changing the Delivery of Basic Legal Services

Imagine a world where taking care of your basic legal needs was as easy as getting groceries.

Instead of dealing with tall office buildings, barriers and gate-keepers of traditional law practice, you could park, walk in, and speak to an attorney within seconds, without the fear of the billable hour.  Legal Value Firm™ is changing the delivery of basic legal services to make this world a reality.  The departure from the high costs and inaccessibility of traditional law firms has been long-awaited by consumers, and many are beginning to see issues stemming from the lack of attorney involvement that accompanies document preparation and self-help services.  As a result, many forego or do not find value in legal services offered by these existing players in areas such as business, simple contract drafting, family law, wills/trusts, intellectual property registration, and real estate.

Legal Value Firm™ is offering clients a whole new alternative: They can meet with attorneys to serve their basic legal needs for mostly flat fees in a professional, inviting retail environment next to their neighborhood grocery store.  The traditional firms will remain a close ally for those that have more complex needs, however for basic legal services, the consumer need look no further than the friendly attorneys at their neighborhood Legal Value Firm™.

Legal Value Firm™ attorneys are focused upon providing excellent customer service to you, on your basic legal needs, at mostly flat fee prices. We do this in an approachable, professional, yet easy to access retail law firm setting. While technology is great and can make our lives easier, at Legal Value Firm™ we believe that law is personal. We believe that technology can help improve the practice of law, but fundamentally, clients want to talk and see an experienced, trusted attorney to help them with their legal needs. We don't think that you need to pay hefty prices for these core legal services, nor do we believe that you should have to go to a traditional office building to get them. Our attorneys are skilled and trained and want you to feel comfortable in our neighborhood firm environment.

Jessica Lopez, Legal Ambassador/Attorney

Additionally, Legal Value Firm™ provides services in an area previously uncharted by attorneys: pre-small claims dispute resolution.  For a price that makes sense, consumers can receive representation resolving disputes before they go to small claims court.  If a matter ends up in small claims court, consumers can use the affordable Legal Value Firm™ attorneys to counsel and prepare them for their day in court, removing the anxiety and uncertainty of going it alone. 

Founding attorney Joe Donnini states, “Law practice is definitely changing and the timing is perfect to redefine access and delivery of basic legal services.  With our new shopping center concept, we have positioned our brand to be the new direction for basic practice areas.”

To ensure all communities have access to the value provided by Legal Value Firm™, the brand plans on launching a franchise program for attorneys at the end of 2015.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Legal Value Firm™ is changing the delivery of basic legal services.

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