Launching the Middle Aged Male Model Project

A Quixotic Quest Encompasses an Unusual Team of Professional Novices

A fairytale in the making –an ordinary, hard working, 43
year-old family man, once submerged in the mediocracy of life, unprecedentedly transforms into a role of high stature and status in the heart of vanity– Los Angeles. This idea of an Extreme Makeover – Old Guy Edition now grows into a reality and is already cultivating and inspiring the masses. The notion happens to be much more than just a fantasy lodged in the heads of middle-aged men everywhere, but rather a social experiment introduced to the public by Brian Smith via The Middle Aged Male Model Project, also known as MAMMP.

To say someone of average stature has never daydreamed of being accepted, or being famous is more than likely a fabrication. Meeting today’s societal expectations has been deemed unreachable for some, and unfortunately can be based solely on appearance. The purpose of this social experiment is fueled by hopes to captivate the minds of those who have ever been categorized as “less- than-ordinary,” and to prove that with pure dedication, anything is possible.

MAMMP hopes to answer the questions:

·      Can an average, ordinary person be elevated to extraordinary in eyes of others with the right knowledge and training?

·      Does being extraordinary make one look, feel, and act of higher stature giving an over all greater sense of happiness?

·      Does this transformation increase the odds of success in a social aspect – career,
personal relationships, etc.?

Brian will execute this with the help of his tech-savvy crew of marketing masterminds from Long Beach, California. They will create, develop, and maintain, not only his look, but skyrocket his fame as no other has done before. What makes this unique? Although the group has extensive knowledge in SEO, website building, social media, and content writing, they also have absolutely no knowledge in the field of infamy, fashion, or modeling. Even with these high expectations, the MAMMP group is determined to reach their goal of bestowing Brian the official title of “Published Male-Model” by early 2017.

The site,, curates fresh content every day with a wide range of fascinating and insightful material. Join them on this yearlong journey. Public interaction and comments on the site are always welcome. Brian Smith and the MAMMP team are available for all manner of media appearances and public interaction.

Source: Middle Aged Male Model Project


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