Launched: New Cheap Reception Desk Furniture Range by Kit Out My Office

Today, Kit Out My Office have just launched a brand new modular reception desk range allowing small businesses to have a professional looking front desk, but at a price that won't break the bank.

Leading Yorkshire based furniture retailer has just launched a new reception desk that comes in modular form that allows the costs of creating a professional front desk incredibly low, but giving the ability to upgrade and 'addon' additonal parts at a later date.

Head of Commerce at Kit Out My Office said, "For businesses that operate from a fixed location that requires the customer to come to their premises, it's important that first impressions are good impressions - that's why we've created this cheap modular reception desk kit, because theirs no quicker first impression that's made than when a customer comes through the front door of your business - are they going to be faced with an open plan officer wondering where or whom they should talk to, or, will the customer be greeted at a front desk that's been professional designed and built to give the best first impressions possible?"

The modular reception desk by Kit Out My Office comes in 4 fundemental parts; the main part, being the reception desk (rectangular) starter unit that for many will surfice on its own. However, there's also a reception desk return to increase the lengh and a corner unit - ideal if desk is next to a wall, or you can use it as a wrap around and bolt on an additional reception desk which makes it an incredibly simple way further extend the reception/front desk area at a later date:

Kit Out My Office are offering a low launch price of £151.47 excluding VAT, with an additional 5% off with code "FRONTDESK" which can be used at checkout, expring midnight 28th February, 2015.

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