Launch of the Latest Generation of Mobile Gateway Platform

FirstNet Interoperability Solutions Inc. (FNIS), the innovative solution provider in communications interoperability, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest generation of the FNG-104, a vehicle-based mobile cellular/LTE gateway. The new FNG-104 provides the most depth of capability to maintain session persistence in vehicle-based mobile communications on the road. FNIS uses a bonded multi-channel secure VPN that dynamically adapts to ensure maximum connectivity.  

The new FNG-104 connects to the FNIS Gateway Management Server and Sim Array as in the previous generation. This allows the configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the FNG-104 to be done remotely and adds additional functionality to the already very comprehensive suite of software onboard the FNG-104.

One of the primary goals of FNIS in the launch of the FNG-104 gateway is to deliver a product that will provide superior real-world operational effectiveness. The FNG-104 was road-tested across the USA for weather and network performance. Testing was done in cold, in heat, at altitude, in humidity and desert climates. A specific process was developed to evaluate cellular tower-to-tower handoff performance and effectiveness that included all cellular carriers. The FNG-104 exceeded all set performance goals and expectations. The evaluation provided data resulting in refinements and modifications that allowed the best use of networks for maximum communications capacity.

In standard form, the FNG-104 is equipped with four multi-frequency (including band 14) cellular LTE radios and two high-performance Wi-Fi radios (2.4 and 5.0 GHz) with a large footprint of coverage. The FNG-104 has a ruggedized case milled from a single block of aluminum for heat dissipation and durability and it is programmed with our proven software that was developed from over a decade’s worth of mobile communications expertise.  

For more information on the FNG-104 and any of our other products visit the FNIS website at, email FNIS at or contact FNIS at 1-202-88-2933 (option 1).

ABOUT FirstNet Interoperability Solutions Inc. (FNIS)

FNIS is a telecommunications technology solutions company focused on mobile cellular, LTE, Wi-Fi, VoIP and LMR communications and interoperability. The company considers the critical importance of durable solutions to be of the utmost importance as much as an easy-to-deploy-and-operate solution. FNIS was formed to develop solutions in this narrowly focused area of communications in 2016 by Centrix IP. The company is owned and operated by veterans and retired law enforcement. Centrix brings a wealth of experience in implementing mobile solutions around the world over the last decade to FNIS. Decades of law enforcement experience is brought to the table providing FNIS with unique insight into “field operational standards” that FNIS’ equipment must deliver to meet the needs of first responders. Meeting the needs of first responders allows FNIS to meet and exceed communications needs of corporations and other government entities as well.

FNIS communications solutions include securing communications through Cryptocall, its proprietary end-to-end encryption platform for voice, data and text communications. Cryptocall can be loaded onto an Android or iPhone to extend security to individual’s cellphones. FNIS has deployed numerous solutions in countries where the only communications infrastructure available has been cellular networks. Utilizing the available infrastructure, FNIS built unique mobile solutions for enterprise, government and NGOs, creating a depth of knowledge that was and continues to be applied in the development of the FNIS product suite today. FNIS is a Florida corporation.

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