Launch of the Education Project by Humanity First USA Tackles Disparities Against Students Due to COVID-19

The Education Project by Humanity First USA, will host its official launch event August 29, 2020, at 1PM EST through

The Education Project Launch

Through The Education Project, Humanity First USA, a nonprofit humanitarian organization, is geared to connect with underserved school systems and locations to relieve student disparities due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Since mid-March, students have had to make the switch from in-person learning to fully remote learning, which caused many students to fall behind. The Education Project by Humanity First USA has networked college tutors to serve students across states in all subjects, to help them catch up through summer 2020 and future academic years.

Underfunded education systems are not given enough resources to provide to their students during this pandemic, so The Education Project has primarily put its focus on specific geographic locations to ensure the most beneficial assistance.

Haris Qureshi and Asim Ahmad, the co-founders of The Education Project, have worked tremendously to ensure students and families that committed tutors are here to help, as long as students need tutor assistance. Our tutor network has expanded to over 200 participants from 24 states and two districts (DC and Puerto Rico), and we are continuing to grow every day.

The Education Project is excited to welcome two keynote speakers Dr. Basiyr Rodney Ed.D. and Dr. Glenn Mitoma Ph.D. who will both be further engaging with The Education Project's main focus; educational disparities, equal access to technology, and social justice in education at our official launch event.

The official launch event invites colleagues, parents, and students to come join in learning more about what our organization does, and how you can get involved. Visit to RSVP. We look forward to connecting with you.

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