Launch of the AptStaf Onsite App

AptStaf is excited to announce the launch of the AptStaf Onsite APP. The product is an Apartment Staffing Solution for filling immediate apartment operational needs. The App is now downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. AptStaf Onsite has also launched its website,

AptStaf Onsite allows employees and managers to have a seamless process of automatically matching needs and availability through an intuitive app. Further, all communication is done through the app including tracking time, real-time notifications and temporary placements.

The AptStaf Onsite App was envisioned by Rebecca Rosario-Bueno, Founder of Full House Marketing and Staffing of NC and Tony Braswell, Founder of the popular Nurse Staffing App, Gale. Together, they developed a proof of concept that was introduced to multiple property management companies and current Full House Marketing, Inc. staff that has proved to evoke a more efficient and beneficial staffing component. The Raleigh-based property management company Drucker + Falk and Greensboro based Bell Partners are two of the first early adopters to use the application with great success. “I love the convenience of logging in and requesting the help through the online portal. I am able to be specific with our community needs and dates/times. This is a game changer with staffing,” said Carrie Rocray, AVP with Bell Partners.

AptStaf Onsite began testing with Full House Marketing and Staffing, Inc. of NC in early 2018 and is now operating in North and South Carolina, and Florida. Plans to expand into Michigan, Georgia, and further West are next immediate steps as the App continues to gain in popularity.

Full House Marketing and Staffing of NC offers tremendous vetting, qualifying and educating for their employees. They now expedite the process and placement of staff and communication, through this incredibly streamlined App. Founder Rebecca Rosario-Bueno stated, “18 years of apartment staffing experience taught me how vital an extra certified technician or leasing professional is when a property is short-staffed. When I realized the efficiencies that technology offered to another industry, I knew an application for apartment staffing needed to emerge; it was a game-changer opportunity. Now property managers can request qualified short-term professionals 24/7 through AptStaf in a manner as easy as ordering an Uber or Lyft.”

Continued efforts are underway to get the App deeper into market. Rebecca Rosario-Bueno and The AptStaf team will appear in Podcasts, Blogs, and Social Media in the coming months.

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