Launch of Multiple Listing Services in Indian Real Estate Industry

Launch of Multiple Listing Services in Indian Real Estate Industry

Listings of India specializing in the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) launches a platform in Dec 2015 in India, for the first time, to connect all authorized Real Estate Agents/Brokers/Agency/ Promotes/Builders through one platform; to showcase their property listings for wider exposure among the network. 

Listings of India thus becomes an important part in changing the way real estate broker/agents or promoters operates in India; by legitimating and organizing the otherwise unorganized sector. It is the centralized database where the agent/broker/promoters will get acquainted with price and characteristics of a property, including how they will be compensated for representing the buyer for the listed property.

Almost all the agents/broker in India still operates on old-model, by having an office in the local community (or having different branches in different cities/area- with massive overhead cost) where they make the property deal (registered with them), having less exposure to the other parts of the city/state; with less or no knowledge of rest-of-India or rest of their city. While this model has worked in the past, but not anymore.

Today's urban population is fluid; reallocating more frequently than ever. At this point, the buyer is forced to scan, either through the existing real estate portals (which have often outdated–listing done by the owner/broker) or depends on the unauthorized broker in the local community who take the advantage of the unsuspecting buyer.

Listings of India incorporated technology feature IDX (Internet Data Exchange) will allow agents to showcase numerous properties - registered with them as well as with the associated broker in their website. This feature helps the buyer to access property details, within their budget, at desired location through any trusted agents/broker website from any parts of India or abroad. 

For a large reality brokerage firms listings with “Listings of India” will save them from maintaining a fleet of the sales team and infrastructure at various location of India. Thus, Listings of India will play an essential role in property market-the most effective way for sellers to reach wide customer throughout India through trusted brokers

 "I have co-founded “Listings of India” because I found there is no Centralized Database System for Real Estate Professionals in India and how frustrating and untrusted it is to close a deal in real estate property, whether it is for rental or purchase. In India most of the brokers are old school, so to finalize any property deal, you have to locate a local broker dealing with the property. Then I knew, I have to change the way system operates, there is a need to give them more exposure and make this sector more professional. Pramod Attarde, CEO & Co-founder of Listings of India, further commented that "We founded Listings of India in line with MLS (Multiple listing Service) of United States, Canada, Australia and European nations. India provides a vibrant and diverse market that requires to be regulated or to be brought together.  The benefits of Listings are wide-ranging and its success rate is very high. For brokers and agents, Listings of India provides the compensation model that they can access even before they bring in a buyer for that listed property. Multiple listing services can pave the way for satisfied customers and create a verifiable and trusted business network for agents and brokers throughout India"

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