Launch of AlgoMe Set to Disrupt Asset Management and Fintech

Innovative platform creates new springboard for career management and mentoring

AlgoMe platform is now live and open for registration

AlgoMe, the innovative London-based start-up using intelligent technology for career development and job placement, has announced its official launch today. AlgoMe is a unique and compelling proposition for professionals and companies. It is designed with the user in mind, specifically the Asset Management and Fintech professional and company.

Following its beta phase, AlgoMe registration is now live on Professionals and companies easily create a free profile and find matches for new roles or mentoring using the innovative AlgoMe technology.

The City insiders who have set out to disrupt the way Asset Management and Fintech careers are managed and developed are Rob Carter (formerly Aberdeen Asset Management) and Luuk Jacobs (previously at Aviva Investors). Their deep industry experience has given them first-hand insight into the issues and challenges they've set out to resolve. They also know how to leverage technology and data to underpin and deliver the AlgoMe proposition. AlgoMe is currently focused on the world of Asset Management, associated Fintech and the broader financial services industry. Over time AlgoMe is expecting to grow further both geographically and into other industries.

"This is a very exciting time for us as AlgoMe is now live and facilitating professional placements in Asset Management and Fintech companies through our matching technology. AlgoMe is working with big name organisations in London and further afield, we have just added 20 Fintech roles available in France," said Rob Carter.

"We believe there will be wide adoption of AlgoMe across the industry as businesses will be able to engage directly with matched professionals to find the right individual at the right time. Professionals can now benefit from independent AlgoMe Mentors who are available to connect with on the platform. At beta stage, 70% of preregistered professionals said they want to be mentors/mentees, so we expect this to be a popular feature," he continued.

HR and line managers, as well as project leaders, can use AlgoMe to share job opportunities from their organisations and discover the right person to match their requirements. Privacy is paramount for AlgoMe and there is no public viewing platform, professionals are in charge of who sees their information and need to accept an invitation from a company or individual to share details.

The AlgoMe team, based in the heart of London's tech city, is on the doorstep of the Asset Management community. It has a group of experienced advisors in HR, Financial Services, Law and Technology. The first wave of industry feedback has been hugely positive; businesses and professionals alike feel this solves many career and recruitment issues.

The Benefits and How it Works

People seeking access to career development knowledge and connections are discretely matched on the platform; allowing individuals to meet new people for mentoring or networking without having data in the public domain. As a result, personal development and career progression can now match the pace of the evolving industry.

Asset Management and Fintech – The Opportunity

AlgoMe is currently focused on two industries which are experiencing change and growth and with this brings a demand for new skills, outside talent and a need for third party support through mentoring and career development. Europe ranks as the second largest market in the global Asset Management industry, managing 31% of the total amount of assets managed globally at end 2015 (EUR 68 trillion). Over 4,000 asset management companies are registered in Europe directly employing 100,000 people with another 460,000 people indirectly employed in functions servicing the asset management industry. Source: EFAMA Asset Management Report 2017.

The UK manages 37% of total assets managed in Europe and Asset Management and contributes 6% to net UK service exports according to The Investment Association Annual Survey 2015-2016.

Overall global investment in Fintech increased by 27% to $15.2bn up to Q3 2016, according to statistics compiled by Innovate Finance. This has already surpassed the 2015 total of $14.9bn. 70% of capital raised by all private European Fintech companies in Q1 2017 went to companies based in London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam according to Fintech Global. Of the $1,164 million Fintech investment aggregate, 36% went to London-based Fintech companies.

Notes to editors: About AlgoMe

AlgoMe is a new generation of company which empowers professionals so they can manage their careers through technology, data and industry insight. It is co-founded by CEO Rob Carter and COO Luuk Jacobs and based in the heart of the start-up community in East London, which helps AlgoMe bring creativity and innovation to its approach.


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