Launch of a New Online Dating Website — With a Twist!

MatchMkr has recently launched its new online dating platform — a 21st century approach to matchmaking. The websites, found at and are packed with new and innovative features and this press release outlines some of these unique features as well as security measures and a special launch offer.

​​MatchMkr has recently launched its new online dating platform.  The websites, found at and aim to help interested parties form a connection and communicate with each other. is aimed at helping singles looking to find true love, and to find that one person whom they would take home to meet their mother., on the other hand, is aimed at helping consenting adults to connect for more adult fun.

By joining one website, via a registration form or one-click process, members are immediately added to the other site, and can jump between their profiles by flicking a switch indicating that they are feeling “Angelic” or “Devilish”.

Both sites are packed with unique and innovative features to help people make connections, from “How We Compare” charts to “First Date Suggestions”.  There are many more surprises in wait for new members, which promise to make online dating a fun experience again.

Real Members

MatchMkr are only interested in real members on either website, so there are no fake profiles and no “ringers” trying to attract new users — all system administrators who have front-end accounts are clearly marked as such.  Of course, this works against MatchMkr, as it can’t launch the websites with thousands of users to entice other members to join — but it’s vitally important, especially in the light of recent attacks on more established dating platforms and damage to their reputations, that everything is seen to be 100% above board.

Security Features

All personally identifiable data entered by members is highly-encrypted, and MatchMkr attempted and failed to break into the website using military-grade software used by companies such as HSBC, Sony, U.S. Air Force, Nasa and American Express.  User images are pixellated until manually approved by the administration team, and there are full reporting features for anything that other members find out of place on either platform.

Free to Join and Use

Unlike some of MatchMkr's competitors, and are completely free to join and use — there are some limitations placed on free members, such as a maximum limit of e-mails that can be sent in one day — but a low-cost monthly subscription of £4.99 upgrades a member's account and removes all limitations.

Free to Delete Accounts

Unlike Ashley Madison, who have garnered a lot of negative publicity for the online dating industry in recent months, MatchMkr will never charge members to delete their account.  The deletion process is full and comprehensive, and removes all traces of any interactions they’ve had with either or

Launch Offer

The first 5,000 people to join either website get a no-obligation 6-month full membership, completely free of charge.

More Information

For more information, please contact Graeme Attkins on +44 (0)141 628 9518 or e-mail:

About MatchMkr

Matchmaker was set up by Graeme Attkins in 2005 as a working title for the dating website he wanted to see made available to users.  In the 10 years since then, various versions of the site have been built and tested, algorithms developed and security features introduced and tested heavily.

In 2010, Ian Mortimer joined the company as a partner and took on the role of CFO.  In 2014, Colin Abercrombie joined the company as the lead designer, and developed the branding and look-and-feel of the site.

About MatchMkr

Online dating specialists, with two discrete platforms: and

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