Launch of a Modern Approach to Combat School Bullying, Workplace Harassment, and More by Giving a Voice to Those Who Feel They Don't Have One!

​ is launching a website that will help you report different kinds of offenses anonymously.

Established with the sole motive of providing expedient solutions to the problems of the silent and unheard, is planning to be launched within the first quarter of 2018. In taking a 21st century-approach that is different from lectures and training seminars, this website’s chief aim is to help the victim and extend a helping hand to those who need one but are too afraid.

There has been enough talk about the need to do something about these issues. Now it is time to act!

Emanuel Chrysoulakis, Founder

We provide a forum for victims (and others) to anonymously report incidents of bullying, drugs or weapons in schools, and harassment or whistleblowing in the workplace, among others. Our site is set to launch, ready to discreetly handle these problems in a lawful manner. Although this process is anonymous, it will bring about a two-way communication that is intended to give a voice to those who feel they don’t have one.

Who are we? is a service that assists those who wish to maintain their anonymity, providing a forum for victims (and others) to voice their problems and concerns either at school or at work. Extensive dollars are spent on anti-bullying messages, campaigns, as well as anti-harassment and whistleblower trainings, but none of these “solutions” address the victims’ in giving them the platform for their voices to be heard.

Covering issues of concern both at school and in the workplace, we work toward giving the victim, or anyone for that matter, a chance to report an issue, all the while remaining anonymous. The simple yet necessary concept behind our site is to reduce the number of abused or suicidal individuals, in addition to addressing other sensitive concerns encountered by both children and adults. What’s more, our site is all-embracing, as parents or friends/acquaintances of victims can use the services of

What is our company’s goal?

We work toward the ultimate goal of giving a voice to those who feel they don’t have one, victim or not. The main reason behind non-reporting of bullying, drugs or weapons in schools, workplace harassment or aversion to whistleblowing is the fear of reprisal, among others. Our service removes the “fear factor,” providing an anonymous reporting system that helps to address the aforementioned areas of concern. is a modern web-based application combined with email, but can be used on a mobile device without downloading an app. While maintaining our users’ anonymity, our service handles all communication through our site, facilitating a dialogue between sender and receiver.

How do we work?

There are four simple portals a reporting individual can use, including:

1) File a Report: This allows the victim (or anyone) to report an incident, whether at school or in the workplace, and, most importantly, to remain anonymous.

2) Respond to a Report: This permits the receiver of the filed report to communicate with the anonymous party in a secure manner.

3) Go Public: In case of non-receipt to a response, the filer may use this portal to “Go Public,” thus putting the recipient on notice and encouraging him or her to reply in a timely manner.

4) Be Direct: This portal is meant to help anyone who wants to send a message and remain anonymous; it also allows the receiver to communicate with the sender.

Interviews or presentation requests are welcome and will be handled upon request

You are welcome to direct any inquiries to the contact below or visit our website and click on the Contact button on the home page. Media outlets and companies are also welcomed to inquire about our services and request an interview or presentation.

Contact name: Emanuel Chrysoulakis, Founder
Contact Email:
​Phone Number: 201-341-7715

There has been enough talk about the need to do something about these issues. Now it is time to act!



Developed in an effort for allowing individuals to report wrongdoing without the fear of being identified. The intent of the site is to be proactive as opposed to reactive.
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