Laughing Face Launches Organic Laundry Solutions for Babies and Pregnant Women

Shoebox-sized washer washes and sanitizes women's panties or babies' cloth diapers in 25 minutes — more hygienic, less detergent

Laughing Face's First Product - LaughingU

The China and Canada joint tech company Laughing Face has developed a low-pressure washing technology that consumes less water, energy and detergent, and features a powerful disinfection process.

The company has launched their first product LaughingU, a shoebox-sized washing machine that washes and sanitizes women's panties or babies' cloth diapers in 25 minutes.

Ensure Underwear Hygiene for Women during Pregnancy

Traditional laundry equipment cannot kill most viruses and bacteria on the underwear, and it could cause yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, even urinary tract infections (UTI). For women during pregnancy, the infections may cause early delivery (preterm birth) or even miscarriage. Clean panties are essential for every woman, especially during pregnancy.

Organic Approach for Babies’ Laundry

For families with infants and toddlers, washing the cloth diapers or toddlers' underwear is painful. LaughingU solves the problem, with a healthier solution. Their low-pressure washing technology only requires half the amount of detergent that normally is required by a traditional washing machine. In some cases, it does not even require detergent at all. It is an organic approach to washing kids’ underwear, and organic is good for kids’ sensitive skin.

How does the Low Pressure Washing Technology Work?

The machine creates a low-pressure environment in the washing chamber, and the water in the chamber boils at a very low temperature, continuously creating boiling bubbles to break the stains on the cloth. With the low-pressure washing technology, only a little or even zero detergent will be required. The solution saves consumers who have sensitive skins, and in the long run (when deployed by regular washing machines), saves our rivers and lakes from pollution (eutrophication).

The company is offering a discounted price for pre-orders, and the machine will be shipped within North America in August 2017. 

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