Latitude Blockchain Services Partners Up With Ferrum Network

Latitude Blockchain Services is teaming up with Ferrum Network to gain traction across the crypto-community and in traditional finance circles too.

Latitude Blockchain Services

Latitude Blockchain Services was announced as a partner of the Ferrum Network in an effort to grow the Ferrum userbase and to stir public awareness of an assortment of blockchain solutions. 

The Latitude team will not only manage and direct social interactions with Ferrum's community, but they will also utilize long-standing relationships with the blockchain community to enhance and increase the reach of the Ferrum team. 

Both teams are focused on helping people connect to the services that best suit their business needs, relative to blockchain technology and its expanding list of use cases. 

Latitude Services Offered For Startups and Existing Companies Include:

  • Brand Definition 
  • Impression Building Strategy 
  • Introductions To Seasoned Venture Capitalists
  • Social Media Permeation 
  • Management of Social Platforms and Bounties
  • Assistance In Communications with Exchanges 
  • How-To Content Creation For Clients Projects
  • Assessment Before and After Utilizing Latitude
  • Genuine Influencer Reviews 
  • Whitepaper Revisions or Creation 
  • Press Releases and Marketing 
  • Dashboard Services For Crowd Funding Efforts
  • Multiple languages available for translation of project documentation 
  • Multiple Region Marketing Available 

Media Contact Corey Billington 


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