Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications Announces a Strategic Alliance With Digo Hispanic Media Group, Creating a New Bridge Between the U.S. Hispanic and International Markets

The new L2L society, which has stood out for its three-communication model E3: Educate, Empower and Engage, has joined forces with Digo to provide a multicultural publisher-owned and -operated platform that offers top brands access to premium content, facilitating connections with U.S. Hispanic and International markets.

Arminda Figueroa  and Augusto Romano

According to eMarketer, U.S. Hispanic digital consumers will reach 40.2 million, or 75.2%, of the U.S. Hispanic population by 2025. This market has a purchasing power of 2T dollars and is the fastest-growing segment, projected to reach 71 million, or 20%, of the U.S. population, by 2025. To address the demands of digitally engaged Hispanics, Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L) and Digo Hispanic Media Group (Digo) announced their alliance consolidating strategic marketing and communications services with support from their digital proprietary platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They are determined to position their partnership as the premier one-stop shop for companies looking for non-traditional media marketing.

Digital and programmatic marketing continue to strengthen, shifting how companies advertise and create campaigns utilizing market segmentation. AI is playing a significant role in the sector that is continuously looking for advanced communication options by providing insights into target audiences and improving customer experience. 

Global marketing firm L2L has a 15-year trajectory and is known for developing award-winning concepts and unique strategic solutions to accelerate growth for their renowned clients. L2L continues to lead the industry with their Digo partnership by utilizing cookie-less technology and first-party data to affect the future of their clients' businesses.

"Working with Digo has transcended client expectations as we build culturally relevant solutions for our worldwide clientele to support community connections and market expansion. We unite efforts and platforms as thought-provocateur strategists, growth accelerators, connectors, and award-winning storytellers, to meet the ever-shifting needs of our client-partners and position them as leaders," affirmed Arminda "Mindy" Figueroa, CEO & Founder of Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications. "We have recently launched campaigns with clients in Florida, Kansas, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic for medical & consumer products and government initiatives."

The alliance is already working with L2L's client HairClub, the leading provider of total hair loss solutions in the United States. The collection of insights will be playing a major role in analyzing and driving HairClub's approach to the Hispanic market. "I am appreciative of the new partnership. We are thrilled to amplify our work to expand and strengthen our commitment to minority markets in the United States," affirmed Mike Nassar, President and CEO of HairClub. "For two years, L2L has been a dedicated partner and instrumental in guiding our brand initiative, combined with Digo's capabilities integrating robust technologies, we will reach new heights."

Recently, L2L/Digo successfully collaborated with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in a COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach. By using first- and third-party data and proprietary AI technology targeted to audiences using "Digital Personas", the alliance reached unvaccinated Hispanics across rural Kansas and large cities. The campaign helped positively change the behaviors and debunk myths against the vaccine. As a result, over 184,000 Hispanic Kansans were vaccinated by January 2022. 


"Programmatic is here to stay, and we can enable any campaign with powerful tools for programmatic buying, taking the digital strategy to new heights. We leverage our premium content to offer brands the opportunity to reach and connect with a True Premium U.S. Hispanic Audience through a culturally relevant and reliable network that's publisher-owned and operated by the largest media groups in the Caribbean region: GFR Media, of Puerto Rico, and Corripio Media Group, of the Dominican Republic, along with their leadership and partnerships in LATAM to access their publishing networks in the U.S. Our L2L/Digo union positions us as a powerful and premier solution to our client and business partners who want to connect with a specific market and do not have the tools or direct access to do so. As a source of the True Premium U.S. Hispanic audience, we provide our clients with the reach and targeted solutions for all the different U.S. Hispanic segments and beyond. We have developed a risk-free Publisher-centric model that offers more value and better monetization of our affiliates' U.S. inventory," noted Augusto Romano, CEO of Digo Hispanic Media.

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