Latin Americans for Trump - A Conservative Community

Latin American Family and Religious Values

Jerry Torres - Speaker at Presidential Inauguration Ball

Jerry W. Torres, President and CEO of La Voz de la Confianza, points out in the YouTube video entitled "Latin Americans - A Conservative Community for Trump" that U.S. Latin American communities are among America's strongest and most profoundly conservative communities in the country.

The Latin American conservative values, beliefs and visions for the United States embrace individual liberty, freedom and self-determination; family values and faith in God; economic prosperity and low taxes for all citizens; a clean and healthy natural environment; and law and order and the fair and equal application and enforcement of the rule of law for Latin Americans and all citizens.

"It is for these reasons that Latin Americans should vote for their Republican representatives at the federal, state and local levels," said Torres.

Torres is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces member and the founder, president and CEO of Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, LLC, now Continuity Global Solutions.

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Source: La Voz de la Confianza

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