Las Vegas Premier Marketing Promotes Marketing Directors Across the Country

Las Vegas Premier Marketing Promotes Marketing Directors Across the Country

Having been given the tools they've needed for success, five local Las Vegas Premier Marketing (LVPM) Marketing Directors are taking LVPM's quality marketing services and values to new territories. Marketing Directors Jenalyn Sanga, Ferrell Marshall, Tayrou Toure, Jacob Garcia, and Caitlin Lucero rose to the occasion when offered the opportunity to run their own marketing campaigns and bring LVPM's top quality marketing services and values to Hawaii, California, Maryland, and Texas. 

Jenalyn Sanga, who was promoted to a Marketing Director within six months of being with LVPM, will be running her own marketing campaigns in Hawaii. Jenalyn, who is a wife, mother, and Guam immigrant, is hoping that her achievements will provide Hawaii with the quality marketing services she once provided to Las Vegas locals. Ferrell Marshall and Tayrou Toure have both been promoted to California territories. Ferrell is the Marketing Director for Executive Lifestyle Management in Burbank, California. Tayrou Toure is the Marketing Director for TOA Premier Marketing in Hayward, California. When asked about the goals for their companies, both men gave answers that are true to the values of LVPM. They both believe it is important to help others achieve and succeed at the opportunities that were once given to them. Jacob Garcia and Caitlin Lucero have been promoted to Maryland and Texas. Like their team at LVPM, they, too, intend to raise local Marketing Directors in these new territories and offer position opportunities in these new cities.

These individuals and the entire LVPM team are excited to press on into the new year, continuing to uplift local marketing leaders, and provide quality marketing services both in their hometown of Las Vegas and their new territories. 

"To be a part of a local business that has experienced such success in such trying times has been a blessing. It is an opportunity that the entire team at Las Vegas Premier Marketing is eager to provide to Americans outside of our hometown," said Joey Ortiz, CEO.

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Source: Las Vegas Premier Marketing