Las Vegas Email Company is Disrupting the Advertising Industry

As of Sept. 1, 2018, Madrivo - a rapidly growing email marketing network based out of Las Vegas, NV - delivered more than 33.9 billion impressions and over 12 million leads through relevant and engaging content, disrupting the nearly $200 billion dollar advertising industry and changing the way brands think about email marketing.

The digital advertising industry is growing immensely and spending is estimated to increase by 4 percent each year until 2020. Advertisers must adapt to the ever-changing digital advertising industry and they are no longer talking to brands in the same way. According to a report produced by HubSpot, 63 percent of marketers find generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge. Another challenge marketers face is getting consumer’s attention via email, especially in a time when their inbox is a sea of emails, some of which are too spammy to provide consumers true value. Enter Madrivo, a top Performance Network that is taking the industry by storm and helping many Fortune 500 brands find engaged consumers via email.

By providing 10+ years of industry experience to household brands, Madrivo has grown an average of 1 million new customers for brands YoY from 2012. This is all while keeping their fraud rate at 0.06 percent, 28 times lower than the industry average. They are helping clients grow their businesses by connecting consumers with insurance services, personal finance companies, home services, education and much more.

Companies turn to Madrivo to help them expand their customer base with compliant, tested and proven lead generation. It is a one-stop-shop for companies looking to acquire new customers, from assessing what will work best for the company, all the way down to analytics pulled from Madrivo’s proprietary reporting technology. The VP of Affiliate Marketing at Fidelity Life was asked about the partnership with Madrivo and stated, “Madrivo’s quality is unmatched when it comes to New Customer Lifetime Value. Email is the most cost-effective channel for new client acquisition for Fidelity Life, and Madrivo is at the top of the charts. They have the top in-house email marketers, great account management support and a team of people that respond to every need you have in minutes. Working with Madrivo is one of the best things you will do for your brand!”

Madrivo’s CEO, Ronen Hamatian spoke about email and changing the course of digital advertising by saying, “Through the drastic shift of digital advertising, email has always been the most steady and consistent digital channel. As a company we’ve always stayed true to email because we know how effective and efficient it can be as proven by the stellar ROI. Few players can actually execute commercial email marketing profitably, strategically; however, when it’s done right it beats all other channels in terms of cost-effectiveness, virtually no fraud and low financial risk. The selection of customer metrics, data-driven targeting, publishing partners, reputable offers, policies and procedures, and adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards comprise the highest return marketing campaign.”

In the next quarter, Madrivo’s goal is to have extended their reach by 25 percent in market sectors where quality lead generation campaigns benefit both consumers and brands.

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About Madrivo:

Madrivo is an integrated online media firm that has quickly gained recognition as a leader in email advertising, affiliate marketing, and lead generation. Madrivo offers an unparalleled value proposition to both advertisers and publishers thanks to its impressive analytics, high compliance standards, and the quality and volume of exclusive media in its network. Madrivo created an exclusive, high-performance, invitation-only network by handpicking the highest-performing and most compliant publishers and matching them with quality advertisers who demand the very best from the affiliate marketplace.

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Madrivo is an integrated online media firm that has quickly gained recognition as a leader in email advertising, affiliate marketing and lead generation. Madrivo offers an unparalleled value proposition to both advertisers and publishers.

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