Larry Johnson's New Book "Elixir Vamp" is a Thrilling Science Fiction Novel Centered Around a Secret Alien Invasion, Already Underway, and Gaining Momentum

Larry Johnson, a Chicago native that grew up knowing he would be a writer, has completed his most recent book “Elixir Vamp”:  a gripping and fervent tale of Chicago’s finest racing against an unseen clock to save the human race from certain annihilation.

Larry says that he attributes his inspiration to a wonderful upbringing and strong parents.  He shares, “I knew I was going to be a writer because I had so much to tell how wonderful this world could be if one did good. Growing up in Chicago was not a terrible experience for me because most people had morals and some were generally good people. My parents would always tell us to look at the heart. That is why I write, to show that humans are not that bad.”

Published by Fulton Books, Larry Johnson’s book shares the malevolent intentions of a major conglomerate corporation named SEARCH.  SEARCH and the beings controlling the nefarious plan have settled in Chicago, Illinois, and begun regenerating their diabolical plan of invading Earth.

These chameleon creatures from a disparate world decided to create something more sinister so they could annihilate the humans. The aliens continue to frame pearly smiles with a different, malevolent plot against the humans, this time using the all too familiar vice of greed.

In accomplishing this task, the aliens strategically replaced officials in key positions with humans under their control. This eerie calamity spares nothing for the earthlings but one disturbing inevitability and that was for the aliens to divide and conquer. This time the discovery of the alien's’ presence occurred by a group of Chicago’s finest police homicide detectives.

Readers who wish to experience this dramatic and provocative work can purchase “Elixir Vamp” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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