Larry Harris' New Book 'The Magic of Christmas' Chronicles A Magical Tale Of Christmas and The Elfin Kingdom

Larry Harris, a brilliant writer, has completed his most recent book "The Magic of Christmas": a gripping and potent novel that holds the tale of the fellowship between men and elves during the Christmas season as Larry, an ordinary man, finds himself face to face with the Prince of Elves.

Larry writes, "Larry has always had extraordinary feelings and memories of the Christmas season. Not many of us can remember each of our Christmas trees, their ornaments, the presents under the tree, right down to each food item enjoyed. Larry can. In fact, with each passing year, Larry's excitement and memories about the season have only grown stronger.

It seems only natural then that when Larry finds himself unemployed during the holiday season that he accepted a job to play as Santa. Little does Larry know that he will find himself at the crossroads of a life-changing decision.

From learning the meaning of the red, white, and leather of the Santa suit to learning of the Elfin kingdom of Evermagic, The Magic of Christmas tells the story of the partnership between men and elves as they begin Christmas. From Larry's unconventional methods of playing Santa to being introduced to the Prince of elves, San, who seems to have all the answers, you will find this to be a holiday present you will want to open each and every Christmas season. How is that possible? It's Christmas Magic!"

Published by Fulton Books, Larry Harris' book is a magical story that will draw readers, both young and old, into a fiction that will brighten the most wonderful season of the year. Here we'll meet Larry and the elves of Evermagic who hold wonders within.

Readers who wish to experience this fantastic work can purchase "The Magic of Christmas" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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