Largest Crypto Game, DeFi Kingdoms, Builds on Synapse for Interoperability

DeFi Kingdoms Integration

DeFi Kingdoms has integrated Synapse Protocol as the native interoperability partner for the popular crypto game. The protocol chose to work with Synapse because of its standing as the leading interoperability protocol, with over $50B in total volume and $30M + in fees. Together, they have facilitated over 2 million cross-chain NFT transactions, allowing DFK users to move their assets and NFTs between blockchains.

The integration is robust. Cross-chain experiences include: an in-game widget that supports a multitude of assets and chains, a white labeled bridge solution, and the ability to bridge NFTs between different chains. These capabilities add an entirely new dimension to the already captivating experience. The Synapse infrastructure gives DeFi Kingdoms access to a $100M+ liquidity network, near-instant bridging between chains, and a community of over 2 million users.

Synapse cross-chain infrastructure powers interoperability between chains. The first implementation is an asset bridge. Within the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem, over $1B of volume has been settled by Synapse Protocol. The second, more generalized integration is interchain messaging – allowing the passage of arbitrary messages (and NFTs) between blockchains. This integration was the first of its kind and has bridged > 2m NFTs and touched over 75K users. 

The Synapse - DeFi Kingdoms integration follows a series of recent protocol updates announced by Synapse Protocol, with new bridge modules like SynapseRFQ and SynapseX, as well as a new interchain messaging network on the horizon. These will expand the reach of Synapse Protocol to more chains, assets, protocols, and integrations. 

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About Synapse:
Synapse Protocol is a decentralised interchain network, allowing developers and users to read and write data between different blockchains. To date, it has settled $50B, been used by more than 2M users and generated $30M+ in fees. Synapse’s vision is to be the HTTPS for crypto, allowing developers to build apps without the constraints of individual blockchains.

Source: Synapse Labs

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