Lap of Love Returns to In-Home Pet Hospice Care Nationwide

Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice is once more providing in-home veterinary hospice care for aging and terminally ill pets, after limiting in-person hospice services during the pandemic.

Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice

Lap of Love is the largest U.S. network of veterinarians dedicated to providing in-home euthanasia, in-home hospice, and pet loss support services. Veterinary hospice is a family-focused, medically supervised, and team-oriented service dedicated to maintaining the comfort and quality of life for terminally ill or senior pets until euthanasia is elected or natural death occurs.

During the worse of the pandemic, Lap of Love veterinarians suspended in-home hospice care while continuing to provide families with virtual teleadvice services and in-home euthanasia appointments.

"We are getting back to our roots and what we do best: providing hospice care in addition to our other end-of-life care services," says Dr. Dani McVety, founder and CEO of Lap of Love. "Hospice is about living well until the end, however that end may be. We make sure that [each] pet is as pain-free and as anxiety-free as possible. There are many things that we can help with that go far above just medicine. With in-home hospice services, our veterinarians will create a custom care plan and each family will be supported by a full hospice care team, including dedicated hospice care nurses."

"Our goal is to maintain the bond between humans and animals while focusing on comfort and education for families, and providing remote care can be difficult," says Dr. Mary Gardner, co-founder and CIO. "We are very pleased that our care teams are now ready to resume in-home hospice care, following appropriate safety measures."

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 About Lap of Love:

Lap of Love is a national practice dedicated exclusively to in-home end-of-life care for pets. We believe all pets and their family deserve the most compassionate and supportive end-of-life experience. Our experienced veterinarians help pets and their parents with quality-of-life assessments, pain and anxiety management, end-of-life consultations, and peaceful euthanasia in the comfort of their pet's favorite place - home.

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Source: Lap of Love