Langston Bates Making Important Connections in the Concrete Construction Industry While Furthering Career

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​​​Langston Bates has never had problems making a difference during his short, yet successful career. Bates has benefited from hard work and determination when it comes to advancing his professional career.

Currently, Bates is working for well-known corporations in the concrete construction trade. Because of these connections, Bates is becoming a familiar face in the industry.

While working with Bekaert, I've had the enjoyment of becoming a principal contact with various manufacturers, and they are one I enjoy relating to the most.

Langston Bates

When Bates started his career in 2016, he was able to become a member and an Associate Representative of the highly respected National Precast Concrete Association's (NPCA) Precast Concrete Paving Slabs Committee.

Bates has kept that same position with the organization for the last two sessions. This tenure includes the most recent assembly term.

Longevity Of NPCA Committees

Bates knows the long history of the NPCA and the respectability they have gained since 1965. The NPCA has partnered with numerous businesses of plant-produced precast concrete goods. They have also helped many suppliers of essential products and services for the industry.

They have committed a lot of their time over the years to supporting the use of high-quality precast concrete and implementing current members with excellent details and knowledge required for top production.

"I've been fortunate enough to connect and establish different connections in the concrete construction business," says Bates. "Seizing the opportunity for a leadership position with this significant gathering has helped my career immensely."

These critical NPCA committees have become a regular institution for the association's maturity over the past few sessions. Bates has stated he feels lucky to be a part of the process.

NPCA Committees Created By Board

These committees were founded by the Board to address significant industry debates and come up with a resolution. The representatives of these committees also address and discuss the warnings and potential opportunities that determine specific product lines within the industry.

All committees consist of volunteers who understand the purposes of associate members and producers of specifiers inside the particular market.

Advancement Of Bates' Career

Langston Bates calculates that precast concrete goods are more conventional than citizens realize.

These structures and products make up the foundation of the NPCA's support. Citizens can observe these above and below ground. And to citizens, they are in their everyday lives.

Also, they play a critical role in maintaining a clean and healthful environment in the workplace.

These concrete structures, like buildings and bridges that people see during their commute and everyday life activities, include precast commodities. They also include foundations of structures, piping, utility holes, wall panels, and sound walls along the highway.

They are a charitable association for the advancement of prestressed and post-tensioned concrete plan. PTI also depicts an organization of specialists and companies committed to maintaining excellent post-tensioning attention throughout the construction enterprise.

Bates Keeping Busy With Multiple Companies

"While working with Bekaert, I've had the enjoyment of becoming a principal contact with various manufacturers, and they are one I enjoy relating to the most," Bates says about PTI.

The significant focus of PTI has five principal goals and goals. These are Market Post-Tensioning, Market Certification, Communicate Effectively, Educate, and Organize for Growth.

While in the same industry, PTI and NPCA offer several boards and panels devoted to the industry and their networking experts. The societies consist of members that volunteer their free time outside of work to PTI and other committees.

"One feature of PTI that has my interest when I became a contact is their convention," says Bates. "The PTI Convention is a chance for specialists in the industry to network and develop their knowledge of post-tensioning. The event also highlights a weekend of technical committees with studies on a wide range of post-tensioning design and construction plans."

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